Sunday, February 14, 2010

hola. te quiero.

a couple of things before i go.

i'm heading out of town for a few days,
but wanted to share this new photo
from lucy snowe photography.
isn't it stunningly beautiful?

...and here's something
that might inspire you
along the lines of handmade,
or should i say, lovemade?
from my amigos over at

{for a so cal girl who loves beans and rice,
took 6 years of spanish
and can still only speak a bit of slang},
i was totally intriqued by the name alone
of this uber cool blog from texas.
their recent blog post on
was so sweet
that i couldn't wait to make one.

i think it would make lovely decor
in a girl's bedroom
{this is the one i made for mikaela's}

or studio.
it would make a beautiful birthday
or new baby gift.
the shape possibilities are endless,
butterflies, stars, flowers, squares, circles...
this go around, i'm going with hearts,
like the bueno girls,
in my favorite colors, pinks and aquas,

but i've already pulled
black and white tear sheets
for my next garland...

adios. te quiero.