Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what is love. love. love.

love is in the air.

love is sugary sweet.
only mine would read

love is a nickname.

love is homemade.

love is simple.
adorable summer shoes.

love is colorful.
cutest pillow from tractor girl.

love is saturday shopping.
if i owned a little shop, most likely,
i would paint it this lovely color.

love is strong.
i dig these
super cool indian bookends.

what is love. love. love.
what is love?


  1. that paper plane photo - I love it!!

  2. Love is these pics...They are so amazing!!

  3. I have to say...the earrings are the showstopper! I love them right down to the name! The pillow and the garden path photo are tied for second because of those delicious colors! Great post...

  4. love each shot! amazing rich colors! especially love those shoes and that pillow!

  5. Wonderful things you have here! Thanks so much for including "Up the garden path"

  6. i think your take on the "love" theme is wonderful - full of spirt and quirkiness!! with beauty mixed in - thank you very much for introducing me to your blog and for including cottagefarm!


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