Monday, February 1, 2010

blog it forward' mashup!

hi friends! happy monday! february 1st.
wow, that means a big day is almost here,
but more about that in my next post,

here, i have one quick question:

have you seen sfgirlbybay's stunningly beautiful blog?
her hugely popular prints on etsy?
{over 8,000 sales!}.

victoria is an amazing inspiration to me.
her print in red {above} is something
i look at every morning, to remind me
as i drink my first cup of coffee
to keep calm as i face the new day
and then carry on.
so no surprise,
to those of us who have been following her,
that she has come up with another wonderful idea,
something fun, that we can all get involved in,
be inspired by, learn more about each other
and stay connected.

if you'd like to join us,
simply click here for more details.
and do it now,
the deadline to be included
in such fun is friday, february 5th.

{photos via sfgirlbybay}.

p.s. i'm so {pleasantly} surprised
by all the comments about my surf posts.
i thought i was boring all of you. hmmm.