Sunday, January 31, 2010

checkin' the surf.

this will be the last post
on surfing or skating for a while,
i promise,
my head is swirling
with creative ideas and fashion
but, we spend so much time at the beach
and i've got this new camera, so,
one more post and then i'll be back to design.
i promise.

* * *

today was a beautiful day at the beach.
we got there early. 6:00 am.
it was cold and foggy.

my son, alex, competed in short
and longboard
for his high school team.
the waves were big and powerful.
boards broke
and kids and parents cheered
as kids got incredible rides
and amazing wipe outs.

caught these kids checkin' the surf.

kids come from many different
high schools to compete,
this cowboy surfer was obviously
from somewhere inland.
i love the hat.

alex headed out {in yellow}.

ending up in 3rd place for shortboard
and 1st for longboard in his first heats.

finally, after 8 hours, he was exhausted.

we loaded up the car
full of kids and boards
and headed home.