Friday, January 29, 2010

one california day.

we watch a lot of surf flicks.
we listen to a lot of music.
at any given moment
you can walk by a room
and either a surf film
is playing.

one california day.
{a recent film about early california and how it relates to surfing}

sprout is an older surf film,
shot entirely on 16mm film.
this film features numerous pros,
each with a style all their own
and is shot in beautiful locals,
including, sri lanka, morocco, costa rica,
indo, california, hawaii, australia,
new zealand, south africa and mexico.

so whether you surf or not,
if you like vintage,
if you love fashion,
next time you
see a surfer magazine,

all photos from sprout.

one of my favorites is foam magazine
{fashion, ocean, art and music}.

pick it up,
flip through the photos,
maybe read an article or two,
watch a surf flick
you won't be disappointed,
hopefully, like me,
you will find it both
romantic and inspiring.