Tuesday, January 5, 2010

double take.

today i am inspired by kevin.

i don't know him
i haven't read his book {yet).

for me, january is about taking brave steps
following your dreams without hesitation.

while this story is not about fashion,
music, food or design,

it is about
courage, love and passion.

if you haven't heard kevin's story,
i hope that it inspires you, like it has me,
leap and the net will appear.

this is the photographer.

Kevin Michael Connolly is a twenty-three-year-old
who has seen the world in a way most of us never will.
Whether swarmed by Japanese tourists at Epcot Center as a child
or holding court at the X Games on his mono-ski as a teenager,
Kevin has been an object of curiosity since the day he was born without legs.
Growing up in rural Montana, he was raised like any other kid
(except, that is, for his father’s MacGyver-like contraptions such as the “butt boot”).
As a college student, Kevin traveled to seventeen countries on his skateboard
and, in an attempt to capture the stares of others, he took more than 30,000 photographs of people staring at him.
In this dazzling memoir, Connolly casts the lens inward to explore
how we view ourselves and what it is to truly see another person.
We also get to know his quirky and unflappable parents and his spunky girlfriend.
From the home of his family in Helena, Montana to the streets of Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, Connolly’s remarkable journey
will change the way you look at others, and the way you see yourself.