Friday, January 15, 2010

tweet. tweet. i ♥ you.

Is it just me
or do you also
feel overwhelmed with #FF {follow friday}
on Twitter?

I follow so many amazing people.

each week I worry that I didn't reciprocate #FF ♥
or forgot to #FF someone I really adore I have decided in lieu of #FF...
I will continue to re-tweet and promote
good friends, talented artists and bloggers
along with my favorite etsy sellers throughout the week,
but no longer participate in #FF.

I appreciate you all,
your support of me,
and tenthings.
and, of course, your tweets!



  1. hello there,
    just found your blog and it is lovely :).
    i love the diy jewellery tree.

  2. whoops, #FF means follow friday, it's a popular way to suggest people others might like to follow on twitter.

  3. i too am overwhelmed! like yesterday - i just had to step away...


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