Monday, January 4, 2010

must do list.

starting off my monday with a few musts.
my husband bought this dvd surf into yoga
for me for christmas
and i have only done it once.

kids went back to school today, so yoga workout is a must.
{right after this blog post-a girl's got to have priorities}.

my camera broke over the weekend.
we were camping at trestles, a stunning surf spot with stones,
driftwood, palms, crystal blue water and perfect waves.

i had taken close to a hundred photos.
all lost.
many were sunset photos.

second must: buy new camera today.

we are completely out of food,
well, not really, but that's what the kids think,
so i must go to costco today and re-stock.
not fun, but a must.

no more waiting till the kids go back to school
to tackle the list of musts,
they're back and i must get busy.

what is on your 'must do' list this week?