Sunday, January 10, 2010

i did it.

i bought a 'good' camera.

i've always been a compact girl
(cheap, easy to use, no manual reading required cameras).


i have three professional photographer friends
that are amazing,
their work is stunning, each one unique.
they have been inspiring me
for years to step up
and purchase a 'good' camera.

after much thought, i finally did it.
i have a long, long, long
way to go in the learning process.

i took these photos {above}
last night during a photo shoot
my friend steve was doing.


here are some of his shots
from last night's shoot.

the sunset, actually,
did look more like his photo {wow!}
then mine {above}. much to learn.

will be reading 'that *%!$#%&' manual more today...