Sunday, January 10, 2010

i did it.

i bought a 'good' camera.

i've always been a compact girl
(cheap, easy to use, no manual reading required cameras).


i have three professional photographer friends
that are amazing,
their work is stunning, each one unique.
they have been inspiring me
for years to step up
and purchase a 'good' camera.

after much thought, i finally did it.
i have a long, long, long
way to go in the learning process.

i took these photos {above}
last night during a photo shoot
my friend steve was doing.


here are some of his shots
from last night's shoot.

the sunset, actually,
did look more like his photo {wow!}
then mine {above}. much to learn.

will be reading 'that *%!$#%&' manual more today...


  1. Good luck and good time in your learning about your new camera....i need to do the same thing.
    Luv the that you get to do that anytime you want. 8)

  2. congrats on the new cameras, and those photos are amazing!

  3. congrats, you're going to have so much fun with it!

  4. i hate manuals. but someone in this house has to read the directions! gorgeous photos!!!

  5. yeah, i was so loving this camera until i tried to upload to etsy. no luck. now i'm going crazy trying to get tech help. wish someone i knew had this camera, was on etsy and lived next door....

  6. Sorry to hear you are having upload issues :( The sunset pictures you took look fantastic though! What an amazing sunset. Looks like it was a good surf day, too!

  7. That sky photo you took is amazing! Such vivid colors. And it's all a learning process. So far you're doing great!


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