Monday, January 4, 2010


sometimes, this beach girl has a huge,
uncontrollable pull towards tulle.
it's sort of a fantasy thing, i guess.

i can't explain it,
it may not make sense,
a girl who wears flip flops
and spends most days at the beach,

but, the pull has always been there
and resurfaces at the oddest moments.
like now, when i am totally immersed in
a retro-california, bohemian coastal lifestyle
and then i stumble upon a photo of a tulle skirt
and in a head spin,
i'm off dreaming about the perfect date night.

i especially like the stripes
as it adds a bit of edge
and clicks with my idea
of perfection.

fashion submerged in contradiction.

i might add a beat-up pair
of chuck taylors in black.
i personally think beat-up converse
add the perfect touch to most outfits.

in my dream,
i'd jump on the back of a vintage vespa,
arms around my sweetie's waist,
and head to little italy
for a dish of chocolate orange gelato
and a stroll
hand in hand.

all images ouma on etsy.


  1. There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little froth! I bought three tulle skirts last year. On my tulle kick ;)

    BTW Happy New Year to you and family!

  2. just once i want to go out wearing tulle, i need a "tulle appropriate" event, those are few and far between the older we get!

  3. and i think you should put on the tulle skirt, with the flip flops, hop on that vespa, and go to little italy for gelato. we'll make it a double date

  4. been thinking about making something with tulle a lot lately.

    never too old, lauren. {especially, since you're the girl who looks amazing in everything}.

    a double date it is my friend.

  5. tulle was a huge part of my wedding dress.
    jagged tulle! Loved it!
    I just wanna wear it all the time!

  6. I adore that Etsy shop! You can never go wrong with Chucks. And I will forever have an obsession with tulle. My favorite dress is a tulle Betsey Johnson confection from many moons ago!


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