Wednesday, March 31, 2010

...and blooms.

tenthings. jewelry. love. feathers
...and blooms.

i love
oversized, cocktail rings.
and i'm obsessed with flowers.

so, it was only natural
that the two would come together.
worn with a pair of jeans
or a bohemian dress,

these beauties
are the perfect addition
to your spring wardrobe.

inspired by nature.

available at tenthings.
and hand-picked, selected boutiques.

Monday, March 29, 2010

a new look for tenthings.

gypsy. peacock.

hello up there. balloons.
barefoot bride. sea petals.

wild side.

gilded. sea twigs.

silver. sea twigs.

a new look for tenthings.
photos by andrew reilly.
styling by me.

i've been wanting my site to
look more professional,
andy is so very good
at making everything/everyone
he shoots look amazing.
i'm really crazy about his work.
these are just a few shots
from sunday morning's shoot.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

what's your style?

i said i wouldn't post again until i had my 'guns and roses'
{yes, alexandrakeller,...welcome to the jungle...}
thing-y together,
but all my supplies haven't arrived yet
and i have a few 'whoops' going on with the things that did arrive,
weird size and some technical issues,
anyway, as life would have it,
my good friend and awesome photographer, andrew reilly,
texted me on saturday afternoon
and asked if i wanted to do a 'jewelry' shoot sunday at 8:00 am.
like a madwoman, i dropped the supplies
and rushed out of the house and off to buffalo exchange
to buy some used clothing
and started madly throwing things together.
normally, i'd have full stock of jewelry,
but, fortunately, i've been crazy busy with sales lately,
thank you god,
and i had very little jewelry on hand, lots of earrings,
but only two necklaces and nothing ready in my 'new line'.
i love love love to style photos.
andy is an amazing photographer
and my daughter is gorgeous,
especially, naturally,
minus the hair straightener and eyeliner
{my shoot, she had to dress my style}., it wasn't too hard to pull together.
i am now patiently waiting for the photos
and will reveal them as soon as
i have them in my hot little hands...

in the mean time, i took a few 'on location' shots
and thought i'd give you a couple
of my very favorite styling tips.

this is katie.
she kept a close eye
on the action.
at times peeking behind the bushes
to watch from the shade. she kept looking at me like,
'this is my house, what the heck are you doing here?'
it is a stunningly cool house.
art and supreme styling
everywhere you look.

now, for the styling.

first, my style is not everyone's,
my style is my own,
but i believe with a few simple additions,
everyone can give their 'own' look
a bit of oomph.

here's what i do.

most days, i wear skinny jeans and a deep v-neck tee, havianna flip flops, some days i wear boyfriend chinos and a ribbed tank. pretty simple, pretty casual. kinda college-y...this is my stay home or run to the grocery store look.

i dig the comfortable, but need to look cute when i go shopping or hang out with friends, so before i actually walk out the door, i start to pile it on..'it' being 'me'.
i start with my left arm, it takes a few minutes, but i pile on the bracelets, sometimes it's friendship bracelets,
sometimes chains, always a strip of leather that reads: live in love,
a couple of thin gold bangles and various pieces of colored embroidery floss, oh and a hair tie, yes on my wrist.
then, a belt, i like pretty leather belts with big buckles
and rediculously, sexy sandals.
i believe you can wear 501's and a grungy t-shirt and look cute,
but you put on sexy sandals and, well, it just gives it the 'wow factor'.
i have a thing for sexy shoes and painted toes.
although, i never paint my fingers anything but ballet pink
and i hardly wear any make-up.
mascara and lip gloss,
a bit of shimmer in the corners of the eyes
and that's it, but i love sexy, high-maintenance style painted toes.

next, it's either a tenthings. necklace or dangly pair of earrings.
i know some people like match-y sets, i don't.
it's too overdone for me.
i'm one of those that puts on lipstick,
then rubs it off in the same few seconds. love lipstick.
always looks better in the magazine than on me.

comfortable clothes, lots of jewelry,
messy hair, bright toes, the rest minimal.
that's my style.
that's how i take it from everyday college boring
to me.

what is your go-to look,
what says 'you',
what makes your look your own?

Friday, March 26, 2010

guns and roses.

oh, friday already.
it was a very busy. very beautiful week.
sort of stayed away from the computer, missed my friends,
but needed to focus on creativity.

this week i immersed myself in flowers.
i thought about blooms. i dreamt about them,
took photos of them, picked them and looked for them.
i just couldn't get enough.
the funny thing is,
'guns and roses' keeps popping in to my head,
and while i'm so not into guns,
although i do like a particular guns and roses song, sweet child o' mine,
i love love mixing styles.
so while, one side of my brain couldn't stop thinking about flowers,
gorgeous, pink-hued flowers,
the other side, couldn't stop thinking about bullets.
shiny, metal bullets.
weird, i know.
i went on a somewhat large shopping spree for materials
and my next post will be the result,
a combination of said,
guns and roses...
curious? stay tuned.

also this week, i got my new moo cards.

i made some pretty jewelry.

found these pretty photos {via
he's 14 with a cool artistic eye.
and, while, these photos aren't for sale,
i think they should be.

i bought something gorgeous
from my friend wende at mireio.
she has exquisite taste.

and i fell in love again,
this time with this photo
from my friend lucy snowe.

so, i leave you this friday
with a simple wish
may you have a stellar weekend
filled with all things spring.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quiet. thoughtful. inspired.

i've been quiet lately.
really quiet.

i'm busy.
thinking. doing.

i am in full creativity mode.
i think it's because it's spring.
my head is swirling with ideas.
fabric and beads are everywhere.
when i get in these modes,
i spend most of my time
trying to get the ideas
in my head to materialize.
cutting, stringing, creating.

when i get stuck,
i take a walk
or a drive to the coast,
i pull out some old issues of domino
or look around on the internet
for inspiration.

i recently stumbled upon
this girl's site.

not only do i absolutely
love her photos and styling.

i love, love, love her work.

i am also absolutely
envious of her lifestyle.

a brave girl who left canada,
along with her boyfriend.

for a simple life in mexico.

to create her art.

it has inspired me to run away.

if only for a few days.

but, i can't.
instead, i'll take a walk

then, get back to work.

to make my dreams
come to life.

do you ever want to run away?

Friday, March 19, 2010

no more 3x5's.

this song is a favorite of mine.
a reminder to appreciate
the small things in life.
happy weekend friends.
i hope you see lots of pretty things.

...i'm writing you to catch you up on places i've been
you held this letter probably got excited,
but there's nothing else inside it

didn't have a camera by my side this time
hoping i would see the world with both my eyes
maybe i will tell you all about it
when i'm in the mood
to lose my way
with words

today skies are painted colors of a cowboy's cliche'
and strange how clouds that look like mountains
in the sky are next to mountains anyway

didn't have a camera by my side this time
hoping i would see the world with both my eyes
maybe i will tell you all about it
when i'm in the mood
to lose my way but let me say

you should have seen that sunrise
With your own eyes
it brought me back to life
you'll be with me next time i go outside
no more 3x5's

guess you had to be there
guess you had to be with me
today i finally overcame
tryin' to fit the world inside a picture frame
maybe i will tell you all about it
when i'm in the mood
to lose my way but let me say

you should have seen that sunrise
with your own eyes
it brought me back to life
you'll be with me next time i go outside
no more 3x5's
just no more 3x5's...

{lyrics by john mayer}.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a tiny star.

i wear a tiny star.

to remind me that

i am a star.

while they may not ever write
about me in magazines
and i'm sure
i'll never be on TMZ {thank GOD},

i am a star.

no one cooks vegan meals for me
and i don't have a personal trainer
to whip me back into pre-baby shape,
but still,

i am a star.

i don't have someone to do
my hair, nails and make-up,
i don't wear haute couture
designer dresses
{oh, but, i so wish i did}.
but still,

i am a star.

because...believing that
i am a star
means that it doesn't matter
what anyone else thinks
as long as i know,
that i am a star.

do you
think of yourself
as a star?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


and the winner of the
my inspiring friend crystal

whose birthday just happens
to be today!
happy birthday crystal!

as sweet as honey.

take me away. a secret place.
a sweet escape. take me away.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i love how the internet connects you

to soooo many cool people, cool friends.
girls you enjoy touching base with
on a regular basis.
peeking into their creative lives.
some of my friends create
beautiful works of art.
i have shared their beautiful work
here on my blog or via twitter,

but these friends here, today,
are bloggers.

bloggers with a great sense
of style,
wit and beauty.

today, i'd like to introduce you
to a few of my friends...

some with new and interesting takes on fashion, life and design,
like my new and super cool friend bethany, an L.A. wardrobe stylist to the stars,

some with exciting adventures that i could never dream of,
like my beautiful friend, leigh,
who left new jersey for a completely different way of life,
can you imagine?

some that provide that daily dose of beautiful,
like jenn of daily bits of beauty,

or my friend samantha,
an inspiring interior designer with an eye for stunning.

and some with a edgy sense of style that reminds me
that there's still something bad ass about me. thanks tracy.

so, here's a look at a few
of my regular 'go-to' blogs...
stop by, and say hi to my friends.

Bethany at

Tracy at

Leigh at

Jenn at

samantha at

my friends,