Monday, May 23, 2011

summer is almost here.

I know this because I have 'Spring Babies'. 
My kids live for summer waves and lazy days! 
When both their birthdays have passed, and dinner-time talk 
is all about how many days there are left in the school year
{last count, 13 school days to go}, 
I know that summer is almost here. 


This school year has been especially sweet, 
our 15 year old daughter 
was a freshman, finallly {her words not mine}, 

and our son, Alex went to his first prom, 
turned 18 (today!), 
and will graduate 
from high school in June.

So, although, I love each season of the year, 
my heart belongs to summer; 
the colors, the warmth, the happiness. 
I love June weddings, 
backyard BBQ's in July, 
and romantic nights 
holding hands on the beach.

I hope you, too, are anticipating 
summer days full of fun in the sun 
and warm nights filled with love and friendship. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

in peridot.


available in peony, green amethyst, 
aqua, peacock and wisteria. 
please inquire within for other colors.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

inspiration. torn between two loves.

a few recent etsy favorites.

normally i'm a tiny, g-string, 
lace-y kinda girl, 
but i love this photo. 

i'm in a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world
of creativity at the moment...lying somewhere between
a high-end st. bart's villa and the indie style of the ace hotel.

i can't say it's a bad place to be...i will say
that every time i sit down in my studio to create,
it's unknown exactly where my inspiration will take me.

from these tribal amulet necklaces 
{if i wear one, can we go stay at the ace, pleeeeassse?}.

to these 'perfect for the mediterranean' earrings.

{...i'll pack all my floral-y, sheer, 
boho maxi dresses and glitzy-est sandals
and jewelry, 
if we could just stay here for a week or two}.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

today's forecast: definitely sunnie!

i always start my morning with a quick peek at some of my favorite blogs,
always on the list, sunnie brook, an L.A. hair and makeup artist.
this is my latest, most favorite blog for beauty style. 
sunnie has the best tutorials for hair and makeup, 
i guess because it's 'my style taken up a notch'; 
california casual. 
easy and sooo beautifully presented. 
she truly inspires me to do something other than my usual; 
shower, jeans, tee and haviannas and i'm out the door...
i watched her flawless natural skin video a few days ago 
and made a little shopping list
of all the new things i want to buy, 
love, love, love the tip about making a 'three'...with bronzer.

today, much to my surprise...
i saw my name when i stopped in to visit sunniebrook.
i  won something on her pretty, little blog
...i can't wait to receive my gift, 
but honestly, 
the best gift of all is the inspiration 
to step up my game a bit 
and for that, i thank you {sunnie brook}! 

all images via sunniebrook.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 overlooking the mediterranean sea. 
found via honestly WTF.
via the NY TIMES. read more here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

just what i needed.

today i was reminded of all the little things that i have been missing lately. 
things that i used to study and take in on a daily basis, 
things i used to soak up and spill out when i sat down to create.
...pretty, little things that filled my heart full of happiness and love. 
images so filled with light and energy that they spoke to me and inspired creation.
things i haven't been paying much attention to lately.

color, color, color...
i have forgotten how much color thrills me. 
how just taking a few minutes away from 'life'
can make a world of difference.

thanks loveology. thanks mila!
i am feeling so inspired by your pretty, little world!

i feel as if a door opened today 
and whispered for me to come back inside
where i belong.

love who you are.

a simple message. something i would tell a friend. 
something i need to remember to tell myself.