Wednesday, May 18, 2011

inspiration. torn between two loves.

a few recent etsy favorites.

normally i'm a tiny, g-string, 
lace-y kinda girl, 
but i love this photo. 

i'm in a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world
of creativity at the moment...lying somewhere between
a high-end st. bart's villa and the indie style of the ace hotel.

i can't say it's a bad place to be...i will say
that every time i sit down in my studio to create,
it's unknown exactly where my inspiration will take me.

from these tribal amulet necklaces 
{if i wear one, can we go stay at the ace, pleeeeassse?}.

to these 'perfect for the mediterranean' earrings.

{...i'll pack all my floral-y, sheer, 
boho maxi dresses and glitzy-est sandals
and jewelry, 
if we could just stay here for a week or two}.


  1. Wow... I LOVE you new necklaces... I went off to favorite them in your store and they're not there.

  2. love the necklaces too! I can totally relate to the inspiration tug-of-war. Sometimes I feel like I should create things that fall under one category, but it just feels unnatural! I don't wear the same style everyday, so why should I have to create that way? Love your stuff just the way it is! :)

  3. Beautiful post! Mane Message LOVES Ten Things too!

  4. Thanks Wende! The necklaces are for a new venture I'm getting into in June..I'll be teaching a series of jewelry making workshops for teens...wanted to make some 'indie' jewelry that girls would love and could relate to. I love them, too!

    Thanks Olivia!

    Anne, you are so right! I, too, change my style day to, it makes sense that my creating style would follow suit!


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