Saturday, May 14, 2011

today's forecast: definitely sunnie!

i always start my morning with a quick peek at some of my favorite blogs,
always on the list, sunnie brook, an L.A. hair and makeup artist.
this is my latest, most favorite blog for beauty style. 
sunnie has the best tutorials for hair and makeup, 
i guess because it's 'my style taken up a notch'; 
california casual. 
easy and sooo beautifully presented. 
she truly inspires me to do something other than my usual; 
shower, jeans, tee and haviannas and i'm out the door...
i watched her flawless natural skin video a few days ago 
and made a little shopping list
of all the new things i want to buy, 
love, love, love the tip about making a 'three'...with bronzer.

today, much to my surprise...
i saw my name when i stopped in to visit sunniebrook.
i  won something on her pretty, little blog
...i can't wait to receive my gift, 
but honestly, 
the best gift of all is the inspiration 
to step up my game a bit 
and for that, i thank you {sunnie brook}! 

all images via sunniebrook.