Saturday, July 31, 2010

teaspoons and petals.

i adore tea. 
and have been an admire of this etsy shop 
for a long time. have you met my friend  Alexis ?
or seen her inspiring blog
pour a cuppa tea 
and take a peek into her beautiful world...



Friday, July 30, 2010

harry potter. florida. and gratitude.

 i am looking forward to getting on with things...i am going to florida next week with my mother-in-law and my daughter...i can't wait for our trip. we will be going to the wizarding world of harry potter and to epcot {i haven't been to europe, yet, so this should be fun!}. i have never been to orlando either, so i am really excited! we will also be staying in south florida near captiva and sanibel. two beautiful, beautiful beaches that i have visited before and just love. these vintage-y photos and postcards of florida have really inspired me to snap a lot of photos while i'm there. my mother-in-law's house is pink, built in the early '50's. i can't wait to see it again {it had to be completely remodeled after a hurricane charlie}. my daughter will also be posting about our trip to see harry potter in orlando {she's a huge HP fan!} when we return.

"It is our choices, Harry, 

that show what we truly are, 
far more than our abilities."
{via Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets} 

gorgeous polaroid photos of florida on etsy.

also, i'm thinking about getting back to my daily gratitude journal and i have a fun idea for that. i read about a lady that emails something that she's grateful for everyday to her friend and the friend emails back something that she's grateful for...i thought twitter would be a great place for just that, so when i get back, i'm planning to post once a day something i'm grateful for, would love it if you'd do the's an empowering exercise, i've gotten away from and desperately need to get back to...

i'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, 
about things to do, places to eat or shop
in orlando or south florida...
hope y'all have a beautiful weekend! 

something beautiful.

{by mikaela of if i fell}.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

bring your own sunshine.

just what i needed today. 
a little bit of happy. 
thanks friends for all the kindness. 
deeply appreciated. xoxo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

emotional rescue.

i'm not one to take a break...ever...i am a completer...i keep going and going until i hit the pillow each night...but, things have changed...i have been forced to take a break, but i'll be back better than ever...i have lots of wonderful ideas and exciting plans to make fall my best season stay tuned. in the mean time...the little break...and why i have to do it...

what started as a few days off for a 10 day trip to florida in early august { totally manageable i thought by phone, i can still work...yay! } has now turned into a few additional days off due to a strange turn of events...and while, i'll still be 'here' for awhile...i won't be making any jewelry...or taking any photos for a few days at least...and then i'll be off to florida...

i am normally a super happy person who searches out the best in everything...still am, but...this week has thrown me for a loop...our cat of 15+ years suddenly took a turn for the worst and, knowing we were going to lose her soon, i began checking on her constantly and trying to make her happy and comfortable... we are huge animal lovers in our house and having an old dog, sadie, who miraculously is still hanging in there, and an old cat to care for has been totally emotional for me...still, i have kept smiling. well, monday night, chynna looked weak and i knew we would be taking her in the next day, i made salmon and wanted to feed her some...she mistakenly bit my finger...causing terrible pain....and lot of tears.

tuesday i went to the doctor to get a tetnus shot...wasn't sure if i needed one, but
thought, why not. much to my bites are super bites not so much. who knew? i left with a shot in my arm {tears}, a shot in my butt {more tears} and a prescription for super, strong antibiotics...
came home and my cat died... peacefully...{but, painfully for all of us}...a lot more tears. tears and more tears. talked to my mom this morning...told her what had happened...she said go back to the doctor have them take another look..."an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure", i went back to the doctor ...just to hear the"'okay, it looks'll be fine..." talk...peace of mind is what i was looking for, i emotional rescue of sorts {yes, i think in lyrics}...instead, after three stabs in various places on both arms, they inserted a catheter in the crook of my arm and i must go back 3x a day for 20 mins. of iv antibiotics for the next few days. my finger is red, swollen and inflamed and i have been told not to use it...of course, with the catheter, i can't bend my right arm to brush my teeth, start my car or feed  myself, much less make pretty said all of that...and having felt way too sorry for myself long enough...{a few more tears, sniff, sniff}, i have decided to focus on getting better quickly and soaking up tons of new inspiration while i look at magazines and sit still soaking my silly finger {to get the lovely puss out}...i'm here in spirit, it will drive me crazy not to create for a few days or so, but, i'll be back better than more tears...i hope...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

¡Esto es magnífico!

i love, love, love spanish culture.
the colors, the people, the music, the food, the art!
i was totally inspired when i saw this recent layout in Bazaar
and knew i had to create some sexy. bohemian. spanish earrings.

love the colors! love the polka dots! 

this is my favorite! 
i want the dress and the hat!

well, maybe this is my favorite...
the dress and the black lace shoe/boots!

love the red, too.

the details in the embroidery. 
and pink. i love pink.

¡Esto es magnífico!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i'm really flattered today. 
this photo was featured on the front page of etsy.
i love that it inspires others.

summer boho chic.

{via my daughter's blog if i fell.}

what i want now!

here's just a few things from my 'i want it now!' list:

the white v-neck tee and skinny jeans {like above} 
is my usual go-to look, simple with lots of accessories. 
that's my style and  you can never have too many white tees.
...but i am diggin' this dress from lamixx on etsy. i want it now! 
{i'd wear it with black leggings and 
sandals, a long necklace, 
many colorful wrist wraps and gold bangles
and colorful, gilded earrings now 
and biker boots 
{i just bought these at a vintage store for $8, they sell online for $65}, 

a pretty scarf, big, silver earrings 
and loads of leather wrist wraps in the fall}.
i wanted these shoes for awhile. {they're $89 at zappos, 
i found them yesterday for $35 at Marshall's!}
I couldn't resist. 
 I love sexy sandals.

and this bag! i'm lovin' this bag by jenni20 on etsy!
it's in my favorites!
what can i say? 
bright colors make me soooo happy!

i like this bag, too. 
perfect for shopping. i love to tote a big bag to throw all my purchases in
....just say no to plastic!

i'm a stylist at heart. i know what i want and i shop and shop
till i find the best deal. 
i have expensive taste when it comes to shoes and bags, 
i have to find them on sale or at a discount 
or i'd never be able to have sooo many shoes...and soo many bags.
{it's an addiction of sorts}. 

these two bags are both soo affordable and so unique! 
i want them both!

what's on your 'i want it now' list?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

who do you know that we should know?

i have really cool friends...
some of which i've introduced to you through this blog, 

i wanted you to know some of the cool and inspiring people i know i asked them...

Who do you know that we should know?  
{i.e. a musician that inspires you, a helpful blogger, an author, someone on Etsy who makes lots of treasuries, a tweeter that posts lots of affirmations, who do you know that makes a difference in your work, your life, your inspiration?} 

here's what they said:

Giovanna of boho spirit: Who do you know that we should know? 

This is a very difficult question since I am inspired by so many people.

The women in my family inspire me in so many ways, they're all strong, independent, kind, caring, and loving. My dad, he loves drawing and painting so I learned a lot from him, he's an inspiration for me too, and last but not least, my everyday inspiration, my hubby, who's the most supportive and caring man in the world. 

Also people who dare to follow their dreams inspire me so much as well. People who believe in a better world and make a difference.  

Lucy of lucy snowe photo: Who do you know that we should know?
Actually...Kerri, You have been an inspiration to me....You sort of adopted me…when I first started my shop on etsy.....You helped me promote my work and you helped me network..and helped me set up my blog...But, most importantly…and I think you do this with many others...You made me feel welcome...and turned my internet experience into something personal....rather than impersonal....Your blog is so inspired and natural..and uplifting and are the others I have met through you.. You gave me a sense of community.

Charlotte of plum pretty sugar: Who do you know that we should know?

So many! This life is full of women (and men) that delight and surprise me… educate and intrigue me every day. And in so many ways. I think that is what is so blessed about this life… meeting, learning, understanding… amazing people.

Sana of pip and estella: Who do you know that we should know?

I didn't mention music as an inspiration earlier but it definitely has always been for me. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Yeasayer. Its not just their music but their approach. They sort of do their own thing. They're not following a certain model or trying to create a particular sound. They're just experimenting with music and they've created something fabulous.

Susan of susan wickstrand: Who do you know that we should know? 

Wow, this list is long so I'll do my best to narrow it down.  I absolutely love listening while painting to KCRW, AM Becomes Ecclectic via live stream on my laptop in the studio with amazing speakers.  I love it when KCRW has an AM guest band. I do miss Nic Harcourt tho.  I love painting to Muse, The Raconteurs, Beck, Goldfrapp, Thicker Than Water Soundtrack, Mazzy Star, Kate Earl, Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, Reggae, and lots of classic rock too.  On twitter I like @TheDailylove the best, and I found the books by Julie Cameron like; "The Artist's Way" to be very helpful some time ago.  I got the workbook too which I recommend.  It taught me that it's ok to make some "bad" paintings to get to the "good" paintings, it's all a process and to continue to be creative is the point.  I also find lots of inspiration from the people around me, friends I adore, my creative photographer husband and of course from our 4 year old.  Little kids don't edit & we can learn so much from their open hearts and minds.  I also recommend creating a dream book; a book where you fill it with i.e.: images, sketches, quotes or ideas of things, relationships, places to travel, food for the soul; i.e. that you'd like to manifest in your life.  Images are very, very powerful especially when we view them around us daily.  Take the time to edit negativity away & add life giving and loving images/music/art/people to your life, it'll be the best thing you ever did.

Leigh of an american girl in cambodia: Who do you know that we should know? 

If you don't already subscribe to white hot truth by Danielle LaPorte, then get on it! Immediately. 

Gala Darling - Love & Sequins #1: Learning to Love Yourself changed the way I approach life. It was the tipping point that urged me to choose to live as an optimist. 

Wende of evidently: Who do you know that we should know?
I’m having such a hard time with this question, because most of the people I’d mention are actually answering this question. Ok, I know, how about a band you should be listening to, but probably aren’t? **raises her hand so the teacher will call on her! ** Hee, I’d have to say, “Luce”. They’re an amazing band from San Francisco and really worth a listen! They’re on replay a lot when I’m in the studio. Something about their sound keeps me working and focused.
Alex of alex keller: Who do you know that we should know?
Well, I’ve met you!
I’ve made a lot of friendships since I started up shop on Etsy. The very first thing I did was network.
I joined a local street team, which isn’t very active, so I reached through the cables and met some local artists on my own.  They all happen to be eco girls, too!
Rikkianne Van Kirk of  is wonderful gal – and we have kids the same age. She is super inspiring, a beautiful soul, and she introduced me to lots of great places to thrift in Tucson. She’s since moved to Virginia Beach, so I miss her. She crafts beautiful pillows and hipster money bag wallets.  She also drew me
Jenni Pagano of . Not only does she make really great jewelry out of felted sweaters (hello! Another thrifing buddy!), she’s an interior designer. Maybe she can help me with all those projects around the house…. She has a great eye and cool stuff everywhere at hers!
Vicki Wolf of  is another great lady I’ve befriended. I did my only craft show with Vicki, because she’s a real pro. She put her son through college with her former craft of sandblasted glass. Currently, she saves the Earth one can at a time by making some really cool accessories. She’s super cool, really creative, and has a great sense of humor. I mean, who else would buy a monkey painting while thrifting?
I also joined the Etsy Trashion team where I now write for the team blog . That’s where I met Krisal of rikrak . I became one of her sponsors and she’s always promoting us! She has been featured in Etsy’s Quit Your Day Job series, as an Etsy Featured Seller, and she also writes a series for the Etsy blog on people who collect things. She’s really just a lovely lady!
Cathleen Lola of is addicted to making treasuries  , which is how we originally ‘met’ on Etsy. She lives not too far from me & we met once for lunch and little antiquing. She’s a wiz at design (see her new design shop ) and has done so much for me with marketing and advertising design. Cathleen has also been selling on line for a number of years, so she has a wealth of knowledge and great advice. I plan on meeting her soon for a photo shoot!
Rachel of e bloom course: Who do you know that we should know?

Check out Susannah Conway and Madelyn Mulvaney... gorgeous work!

Tricia of equinox photo: Who do you know that we should know?  

Definitely as I mentioned in question one, JB Glossinger.  His podcast is  just 15 minutes of self-development a day. His approach is a combination of business and metaphysics. With each day of the week focusing on different areas.  Friday is prosperity and money day, everyone seems to like that!  I listened to him for 2 years before he got big, than called him when I started my company and volunteered to shoot his portraits for free as a way of saying "thank you".  We are now friends and my images are all over his website and on the cover of his book. That taught me never to feel afraid to reach out to people who inspire you. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

peace. project. and a giveaway.



i love this magical place. 
tucked behind a darling boutique.
when i saw it yesterday, my first thought was ohhh,
i wish i could spend the rest of the day here...
all i'd need is an iced tea, some jack johnson playing quietly, 
a big bowl of fresh, chopped tropical fruit and magazines to read {lots of magazines!}

a simple, inviting place like this reminds me 
that you don't need much to create 
your own special space at home.
an area for relaxing, regrouping, being.

i think i'm going to call it the peace project. 

okay, so now for the giveaway....

a little bit of summer fun.

 the Dear & Yonder dvd. 
daring stories of women from the sea. 
{a surf flick}.
a Roxy cd.

on facebook
 leave a comment there, 
tell me what you're doing for summer fun! 
I'll randomly choose a winner on monday.

the winner gets both the dvd and the cd. 
summer fun.