Friday, July 9, 2010

three favorite beauty products.

tenthings' featured girls tell us their beauty secrets...
{and i share a few of mine}.

Tricia:  3 favorite beauty products:  After ten years in the cosmetics business this is a tough one! Ginger souffle Body cream -Origins  2. Babies false lashes from Sally beauty- If you do a shoot with me those are going on you!!  3. Anything Aveda or Origins- I work there one day a week just to get the fabulous discount on all the Lauder brands! 
{i can't wait to buy these and wear them, maybe tonight}.

Giovanna: 3 favorite beauty products: 
My pink lipstick, my perfume, and my mint nail polish.

{i love essie polishes!}

Lucy: Oh...I don't use many beauty products...facial cleanser by aubrey organics...and maybe a little lipstick or gloss sometimes...but I try to eat organically and exercise.

Charlotte:  3 favorite beauty products: Good mascara,
Good facial products. Currently loving Kate Somerville a whole ton.
Yoga (for beauty of the body… not just for yogis… this girl is not…).

Susan: 3 favorite beauty products:
these are a secret........I'm only joking!  At 42 one had better have a few secrets too.  I love aloe vera from our garden for it's healing properties, eye brightener pen from Benefit (every mom needs one!), and Kiehl's Grapefruit shower gel to revive any busy lady.

Leigh: 3 favorite beauty products: I love body scrubs. Right now I'm obsessed with Bodia Spa's lemongrass scrub. (Unsolicited beauty tip: exfoliate your legs prior to shaving. So smooth!) Grape seed and mint face wash from Shokubutsu, which I picked up at the supermarket. Almay oil-free make-up remover. 

Wende:  3 favorite beauty products: I never leave the house without three things: earrings, lip-gloss, and perfume. These days I’m wearing a pair of Ten Things earrings that I adore. I think that should count as a beauty product, because I feel gorgeous in them!  I’m a huge fan of La Bella Donna lip gloss. It’s so sheer and the colors are amazing. And for perfume, I wear Lollia’s Wish. It’s soft and pretty and after 3 years of wearing it my husband never fails to notice, “mmm, you smell good!” 

Alex: 3 favorite beauty products: Obagi products, retin A  and sunscreen – they have to go together, but I haven’t found THE sunscreen yet. Or concealer …, Chanel lipstick

Rachel: 3 favorite beauty products: burts bees chapstick, tea tree oil cleanser from the body shop, and mascara. 
{i love the body shop's satsuma body butter}.

pictured are a few of my favorite beauty products...i love beauty products, although i don't really use too many..i am obsessed with products that smell luscious; shampoo and conditioners, hand creams, body lotions and soft, kissable lip glosses. love and toast makes my favorite hand creams, their packaging alone makes me happy. burts bees pomagrante lip balm is my all time favorite, suave shampoos and conditioners are not only inexpensive, but they smell amazing. i love all the products from lollia. again, the packaging is amazingly gorgeous. my number one beauty tip is bareMinerals essential brow kit. i don't leave the house without doing my eyebrows, even if i don't have any other makeup on, lightly filling in my brows frames my face and makes me feel younger. can't beat that. i actually love all the bareMinerals products. they are awesome for a girl like me that likes a natural/no make-up look. i only use their face products; best money i ever spent on make-up.

i'd love to hear a few of your favorite products and tell!