Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We're having a #GIVEAWAY

We're teaming up with our friends 
Wooden Ships knitwear for a fun fall giveaway 
of Eloise, the above darling knitted hat, 
and one Peacock Pearl Stacking Bracelet.

Enter to win on Instagram; simply 

1.) Follow @tenthingsjewelry and @woodenshipsbypb, then 

2.) Comment and tag a friend

Winner will be selected Friday, October 28th!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Three minute daily meditation. Let's do this.

Ever questioned the importance of a daily meditation practice? Are you curious but unsure of how to start? Well, if you said yes to either of those questions, you’re not alone. These days, there are so many pieces of information coming at us – from what to eat, to what to wear, or where to travel, how to work-out, when to meditate, how to meditate etc. It’s no wonder we get caught up thinking more about meditation than actually sitting down to practice it. One of my biggest recommendations is to start a daily meditation practice. It doesn’t need to take up an hour of your time and you don’t need to be sitting in the perfect spot, with the perfect candle, or the perfect view. Meditation can be done almost anywhere. And, the more you can trust that you are doing it right and opening up to the experience of just being in the moment with the breath and the meditation, you’ve officially started meditating. There are a number of ways to get started on your path and as you journey into the adventures of meditation, things will change. But for now, feel free to start with this:

3 Minute Daily Meditation:

1. Shut off any distractions and place all technology on airplane mode.
2. Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit
3. Set your alarm for three minutes
4. Close your eyes
5. Take three deep breaths
6. Just be, wherever you are, whatever the sounds, whatever the story,
7. Just be
8. Relax and focus on the breath coming in and breath going out
9. Allow your thoughts to come in and out, but allow them to pass through without attachment
10. Gently open your eyes and take a moment of gratitude for finding space and time to connect

via Kelsey J. Patel

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I love motivational inspiration, as a matter of fact, I am hungry for it. 

Be it; food, wellness, fitness, fashion, 
lifestyle, decor or career
I am tapped in to so many inspirational people and I love to soak up all the goodness on a daily basis. Today these tips from Jenna Kutcher really resonated with me so I thought I'd share them with you. If you're not following Jenna, I strongly recommend you do so. She is my 'girl boss' inspiration! Not to mention, she is so relatable, funny and sweet!

1.) When you find a gap (in your industry, in your family, in your life) maybe you're the one who is supposed to fill it! It's easy to see that there's a need for something but hard to be the one to take action. Chances are, if you're wanting something, someone else is too.. maybe your purpose is to fill that gap! 

2.) Take care of YOU. You are your biggest asset and your greatest obstacle. When things get busy, it's easy to put your health at the bottom of your priority list. But it's true, friends, if you aren't taking time to fill yourself up, it's impossible to pour into others. Go on a walk, take a nap, draw yourself a bubble bath, meditate, read a book - anything to just be still with yourself. Give yourself grace, serve yourself a little, too! It's not selfish, it's necessary. 

3.) Connect in real life. It's easy to feel like you're "connecting" with people thanks to social media but what are your conversations looking like when you are face to face with people (assuming that you actually are in the presence of other humans daily!) For me, it looks like a daily workout where I actually get to talk to people and be a part of the community. It's way to easy to hole ourselves in our offices, to pretend we are a still fostering real relationships, but today take a few minutes to send a meaningful email, voice text, to pick up the phone and call someone, or better yet, grab some wine and sit down with someone you love! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

6 natural headache remedies that actually work.


Like, tons of it. And if you think you’ve had enough, definitely keep drinking. Hydration is key to halting a headache. It doesn’t matter what kind of water you drink, as long as you do. Load up with regular, bubbly mineral, hydrating aloe water or even a customized fruit and herb infusion…

Research shows that people with migraines often have low levels of magnesium, and the case may be the same when it comes to more casual headaches as well. Taking a dose of magnesium during a headache (or regularly if you have them often) helps with blood flow in the brain and soothes fiery nerves. Bananas, legumes, avocado and dark leafy greens are all naturally rich in magnesium, but for quick absorption and fast results, get a liquid supplement and drop some into the water you’re already downing.


Essential oils can be powerfully healing. Add some peppermint oil onto your temples and pulse points for instant cooling that causes tense muscles to relax. Peppermint stimulates blood flow, which reduces the sensation of pain. The scent itself also has a relaxing yet energizing effect that’ll help propel you over the hurdle of a headache.


Vitamin B, an essential vitamin for nerve health, can reduce the intensity of headache pain. It helps chill out our pain receptors while relaxing strained blood vessels and tense skeletal muscles. A sublingual dose should do the trick, but for those really serious headaches, consider an injection or IV.


Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a powerful natural solution for reducing headache pain, especially the kinds that stem from muscle tension or stress. Combine freshly grated ginger root with clarifying lemon juice, soothing raw honey and hot water for a calming natural “tea” that offers instant relief and extra hydration.


While caffeine is a diuretic and can be counterproductive to all your water guzzling efforts, sometimes headaches happen as a result of just that: dehydration and/or caffeine withdrawal from our daily habit. A cup of anti-inflammatory matcha or a single shot of espresso can give you a boost to power through the pain while also offering physiological relief from it. Just be sure not to over do it, as too much will cause a worse headache. Have ONE cup and be sure to drink plenty of water after.

via The Chalkboard Mag

Monday, October 3, 2016

Neighborhood walks.

Every weekend we go to the coast 
which is about 10 minutes west from our home. 
We always get a coffee, and walk on the beach
{Usually he surfs first, and we watch, 
then we take our walk}.

Sometimes we pick a neighborhood to walk through. 
I grew up the daughter of an architect and a designer, 
so I love to look at 
homes and gardens.

We have a lot of artists, creatives and money in our area, 
so there is always so much inspiration. 

Lots of beautiful new homes, and many old homes 
with cute updates, and some homes that need 
a tear down or a makeover badly.

We love to walk and talk about all the possibilities 
and ideas that looking at these little neighborhoods bring.

It's one of my favorite weekend things that we do!


Friday, September 30, 2016


Grey-dient collage featuring 
TenThings Jewelry 

Grazie Marta! 

Military style.

Totally loving 
military style 
for fall

maybe because this thrift store jacket is so cute, 
100% wool, made in Italy and was only $14.95

S C O R E 

{can't wait until it cools down so I can wear it}

or maybe because 
Jillian keeps making me do military lunges
in Booty Bootcamp
which I have a love-hate relationship with
{adore Jillian, and sort-of-love, sort-of-hate military lunges}.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

25 things to stop freaking out about right now.

Upfront and personal advice found via The College Prepster.
Good reminders. I especially love the words at the end; 
"don't give fear your power".

Do you remember the last time you had a mini freak out in your head? Or maybe a full on meltdown in your room? It’s never pretty. It’s always full of concern and often times tears. And unfortunately it happens more often than any of us would probably like to admit. 
The constant worrying, obsessing, and over-analyzing can really take a toll on life. Because there is always something to freak out about if we let ourselves. There is always more anxiety to feel. And more to question about our lives.
When I reflect back on my younger years, I wish I had realized how much energy was wasted on little things that didn’t matter. Or wasted on all that I couldn’t control. I would have saved myself months of having full body twitching from such serious anxiety. I would have enjoyed my last years in college and my first years living in San Francisco a little bit more. 
Because when we become better friends with that little voice inside our head, and more important become a better boss of it, our whole day gets better… our ability to love ourselves (life’s great achievement) gets easier…and the freak outs get less frequent. 
If you’re finding yourself in any of these common freak outs listen up:
1. Starting college in the fall – This is one of the most insightful times of your life. It won’t always  be roses but it’s exciting. Let yourself enjoy this next chapter.
2. Finding a job – The right one will come. Keep at it. Networking. Connecting. Refining your skills. And getting the right help. Every job is a stepping stone. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
3. Saving money – Do what you can with where you’re at. Even a little bit helps.
4. Booking your vacation – There’s options. You don’t have to book something extreme. Book something that allows you to turn off.
5. Changing your hair – If you feel the urge, do it. Hair always grows back.
6. Being single – You have your whole life to be in a relationship. Enjoy the freedom for now. And keep your standards high.
7. “Looking good” in a bathing suit – No one is looking. They’re all worried about how they look. Enjoy the beach and forget about your belly or thighs.
8. If you made the right decision – Every wrong decision leads you to the right one.
9. Finding your purpose in life – Keep doing. Keep trying. It will reveal itself through action.
10. Losing hair in the shower – Almost always a normal thing. No need to text pictures of it to your mom.
11. A broken phone/computer/charger – It happened. Fix it. And move on.
12. Deciding on a name for your new blog/business/book – Let it go. Turn off the thinking. It will come to you when you relax.
13. Getting all of your work done – In the time you’ve been freaking out about it you could have been getting some of it done. So do something about it. In your control.
14. Breaking that bad habit – Everyone has them. Its OK. You’ll break it when you want to.
15. Being “found out” – You’re competent. You deserve this. Believe that.
16. Moving to a new city – Wild and exciting. Revel in the unknown instead of worry about what’s next.
17. Accidents, like leaving the freezer open overnight – Throw out the ice cream and call it a day. Shit happens.
18. Pimples – Quit picking. Touching. Worrying. Dermatologists can help. But mostly no one even notices so don’t let it ruin that date, day, presentation or picture. You’re beautiful.
19. Getting a text back – You can’t control people.
20. Your emails – If they really needed you, they’d call. It’s never as important as we think. You’ll get to that inbox when you do.
21. Who’s viewing your snapchats – It doesn’t mean what you think it does. Let it go.
22. The election – Vote how you want to vote. Use your voice.
23. Saying the right things – Your words contribute only 7% of what a person remembers of a convo. Think about your energy and body language instead.
24. What could go wrong – Quit stealing from your current joy by fantasizing tragedy.
25. Anything in the future – Not in your control. Ever. Focus on the now and what’s in your power (aka this exact moment).
Remember, you cannot control any of these things that you’re freaking out about. And the ones you can, you need to do something about right now instead of worrying.  Your reaction is your greatest strength in combating a freak out. Don’t give another person your power. Don’t give fear your power. Remember everything is almost always totally ok in the moment. Breathe. And be gentle with yourself. The freak out will pass as long as you don’t add gasoline to the fire of your panic.

Post by Maxie McCoy