Saturday, March 29, 2014

Daily Beauty Necessities.

I'm a pretty low-key girl as far as hair and make-up go, 
but even though I keep it on the natural side, 
I am a full-on 
beauty product junkie.
I definitely read up about and purchase lots of products 
that promise to keep skin and hair healthy, 
and looking fresh and natural.

Here are a few of my tried and true daily favorites.

I drink at least two bottles of water a day. 
I especially love Hawaiian Springs, 
the sea-colored bottle alone makes me want to carry it around 
and drink it {I try to re-use it for a week}. 
Daily vitamins, including D, Phytoceramides, Vitamin C and Biotin.
Argan oil on damp hair makes it so soft to the touch.
I use scented lotions, hand cremes and body butters like crazy.
I have numerous different types depending on 
what I'm wearing, where I'm going or what I'm getting ready to do.
both super soft for kissable lips. 
and Coconut Oil, I like Dr. Bronner's the best so far, I use it for moisturizing 
dry skin and hair and a few other things. It smells delicious.
Ziggy Marley has an orange oil and almond coconut oil 
I want to try soon, but just in the kitchen.

The little jar is from Target. 
I keep some coconut oil on my nightstand, 
some on my vanity, and some in the kitchen. 
Different uses in different jars and locations.
Just look at all the ways you can use it here. Amazing.

I buy most of my products at Target or CVS, 
but you can also find just about everything on Amazon.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Tassel Love Affair.

Hot Pink Palm Tree Photos here.
Beautiful image here.
Summer Wood Tassel Bracelets available here.
Jewelry and clothing images by me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Can Sea Clearly Now.

To say that words had escaped me, 
would only be partially true. 

I have 'thought through' whole blog posts
on my daily runs for the past ten months, 
but somehow,
upon sitting down to type, 
the emotions I was feeling, and the thoughts I wanted to share, 
just weren't exactly what I wanted to 'put out' there, so 

I kept my thoughts to myself, and knew the day would come when 
what I wanted to share would bring me back to this space.

I can see more clearly now.
As I move forward, 
I hope for this blog to be 
a pretty space to share 
creative thoughts, 

Images by me.