Monday, November 29, 2010

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t-shirt by  whiterabbit7 .

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

living without color is like living without love.

without color 
is like living 
without love” 

-Kelly Wearstler

i'm not the only one obsessed with color.
but, i admit that i design for myself.

for me, it's the seduction of pinks and blues
they have my heart...
so much so, that i have decided 
that i have been 
blinded by love.

have you noticed?

so, here's the question 
that's been running through my head:

are there any colors 
you'd like to see more of 
at tenthings.?

siam red 
or ?

i'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

live in love. tenthings.

i live my life in gratitude and love. being grateful for the little things, 
paying attention to those things rather than focusing on what I don't have 
is what makes each day special and full of love.

everyday, i am truly grateful amazing family, 
my super talented and supportive friends, excellent health, unconditional love, 
daily challenges, animals {my life is filled with so much love from my pets}, 
my creativity, future plans {I thrive on having things to look forward to}
...all the things that make me happy. 
each day, i try to remember to send 'thank you's' 
out into the universe for my many blessings. 

one of the things that really makes my day is the abundant beauty; 
on etsy, on the many inspiring blogs that i frequent and on facebook and twitter...
i am so fortunate to sit down at my computer at any given time 
and absorb the beauty that surrounds me...
here, ten beautiful things i stumbled upon this week.

feathers and flowers  gardensofwhimsy.
maxi dress daysofglamour.
vintage dress aiseirigh., ruffled dress hollystalder.

a few gorgeous items for the home.

handmade throw fringe.
love pillow nestahome.
vintage indian head bank shavingkitsupplies.

wrap oliviarevel.
tattoo mugs maidofclay.
men's tie morgansilk.

happy thanksgiving.

live in love.

Friday, November 19, 2010

behind the scenes with plum pretty sugar.

is proudly featured in this beautiful 
behind the scenes photo shoot in malibu. 

i've been talking about the gorgeous
  plum pretty sugar. line of loungerie
for awhile now and have featured their beautiful pieces here
on tenthings blog more than once,
so, i was absolutely thrilled when charlotte asked me if 
she could include tenthings. in her next photo shoot. 
the results are stunning. take a look.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

new. tuesdays at tenthings.

tenthings. jewelry. love. feathers. 
is going to offer a little something fun 
every tuesday for a limited time,
a few select items will be available 
at a discounted price. 
perfect for holiday gift giving 
or as a little special present to yourself.
all pieces come packaged in tenthings.
signature tiffany blue box ready for giving.
today,  a sneak peek at the item{s} 
that will be on sale for $19.60
...tomorrow only.

  inspired by vintage crystal chandeliers.

and images like these 
from j.crew and free people.

crush. vintage-inspired earrings.

i couldn't help myself, 
but to include some vintage-style beauties
tenthings. jewelry. love. feathers. '
holiday collection.

they're simple, 
yet stunning tear drop earrings,
perfect for a black tie event. 
adorable with jeans and a tee.
nothing says special occasion like crystals,
even if it is just a quick trip to starbuck's 
for a chai tea latte.

normally $28
special tuesday price :: $19.60

crush. vintage pink.

crush. vintage blue velvet.

simple and sweet.
more vintage inspired designs coming soon.
why? because i love them!

tuesday, november 16th only.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

the power of love ♥

two particular stories grabbed me
and held my heart captive this week.
each story totally different.
each story a heart full.
each story a true testament 
to the strength of love
and today, 
my small tribute 
to the stories 
that touched my ♥ this week.

* * *
a collection of things 
that caught my eye 
when my heart 
was reminded 
again and again how 
really is.

heart felt thanks to 


for the ever so special reminders 
of the power of LOVE.

i hope you'll take a minute to read these stories, 
to feel the power.
to give love. 
to receive love 
and to know love. 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

chasing beauty.

 there are days when i seriously feel as if i'm 
chasing beauty all day.
...not that that's a bad thing, 
but i have soo much work to do, 
at times i feel more  like a dog at the beach 
{first chasing a ball, then a bird that flies by 
and then another dog...} than a working artist.
so much gorgeousness to take in...
you know, one thing leads to another 
and before you know it, 
you've spent all day chasing beautiful things.
so, this morning, 
in the midst of writing emails, ordering supplies, 
checking my shop, twitter, facebook 
and making my daughter 
delicious raisin bread french toast 
{she's off school today},
i found this shop on etsy...

a pretty little shop 
filled with lovely little things.

what can i say, i love chasing beauty.