Wednesday, November 24, 2010

living without color is like living without love.

without color 
is like living 
without love” 

-Kelly Wearstler

i'm not the only one obsessed with color.
but, i admit that i design for myself.

for me, it's the seduction of pinks and blues
they have my heart...
so much so, that i have decided 
that i have been 
blinded by love.

have you noticed?

so, here's the question 
that's been running through my head:

are there any colors 
you'd like to see more of 
at tenthings.?

siam red 
or ?

i'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. keep doing what you're doing and bring color to the web!

  2. oooh yeah~ I'm loving those fuschia/magenta/rosey hues too. I couldn't live without colour. x

  3. i love Kelly! but i can't live with all the color ... i'm getting better, with some warm colors in the house - red, orange - but can't seem to translate it at all into my wardrobe! so i'm the wrong person to ask, because i'll tell you 'silver and gold' like the little Christmas song :)

  4. Thanks Alex! Silver and gold are always beautiful and elegant and I'm loving them mixed a bit lately!

    I lean towards gold {I'm a gold girl}...and color...I have incorporated lots of color into my home as well...but, I can honestly say that once in awhile I see pale grey or blue or warm neutrals in a magazine or on a blog and I go crazy...I guess it just depends on the mood.

    Thanks for your comments girls! xo


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