Friday, December 31, 2010

be fearless.

as the new year approaches {in roughly 30 minutes}, 
i have been thinking a lot about what's in store for 2011. 
planning and dreaming about what it is that i want 
for myself, for my family and for tenthings. 
for myself i want happiness and stability.
for my family i want happiness and security.
for tenthings. i want success and growth.

at the moment things are 'up in the air', 
somewhat uncertain. 
i am adjusting to some big changes.  
i know, change is good, 
but for me there is always that element of fear.
i just want to be there already.
the unknown is scary.
i'm in a place that's different from where i've ever been before.
i have been re-acting to these uncertainties with fear. 
this is such a  contrast from how i usually behave. 
i can tell you, this place, this fear, is not for me. 

lately, i have been reading a lot.
trying to understand and deal with these feelings. 
i have decided
{though, i'm still not 100% there} 
that i am going to resolve to be fearless this year, 
fearless not being without fear, 
but being with less fear...i.e. fear-less. 
and it's funny that while this is a word 
i have decided to adopt this new year, 
it also seems to be a running theme 
in recent magazines i've picked up, 
 so obviously, 
in fear, i am not alone. 
hopefully, those that are with me, 
will also choose to be fear-less. 

i like this quote and have adopted it as my mantra:
"year to year is unclear, 
but day to day we find our way"

i believe fear-less-ly i will find my 'new' way.

happy new year 2011!

i'm looking forward to meeting you.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

gonna wrap you up in my love.

while visiting my favorite daily inspiration blog honestly...WTF, 
i stumbled upon this gorgeous post featuring Hermés scarves and Knotting Cards, 
the set of illustrations shown here is amazing and inspiring. 
check ebay and etsy for vintage silk scarves. i found several that i must have.

love this handmade one.

and this paisley one.

and this sweet elephant one.
* * *
i love the hobo bags and the halter above in royal blue.
i plan to buy lots of scarves 
to add to my spring and summer wardrobe.

found via Honestly...WTF

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

romantic 20's inspired updo tutorial.

 love this blog and youtube channel!
this girl is so cool 
and has the best tips and tutorials.
she posts videos on using your cheapest accessory:
your hair. 
this one here is for a romantic 20's inspired updo,
but there are many, many more

i have big, wavy, california, surfer girl hair,

but rarely do anything
but wash and products, no appliances....
but, things are changin' around here...
beth has inspired me to try one of her different styles each week!
 check her

thanks beth for sharing! i adore your style!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

sea bags.

i love leopard. red. and stars
oh and my favorite number is 5.

so, it's no surprise that 
i am crazy, head-over-heels in love 
with these totes.

they are made in maine from recycled sails. oh so chic. 

...for trips to the beach, 
the post office 
and trader joe's...

so, i ask you...what's missing from this photo 
of me taken recently at the beach?

a sea bag tote, of course! 

take a look here
not only do i love the star tote in red,
it comes in gold, too, they have number totes, 
cosmetic bags, wine bags 

sea bags. love.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

écrire blog l'amour.

every morning, i make my rounds, stopping in to check on 'my' favorite blogs...this in turn, always leads to other things to look at, so what starts out as a proposed 15 mins. of checking-in before i start working, oftens ends up taking half the morning! 

i jump around from fashion blogs 
to wedding blogs 
to decor blogs to food blogs, 
check twitter, 
check facebook 
and back to more blog check-ins...
I was so interested when I initially stumbled upon this 
sweet and creative blog with it's 'surfing' theme in a family of surfers, this blog 
had me at hello. 

I was so excited to check-in this morning 
and see tenthings. featured in 
the Sea of Ideas, a posted daily wave of inspiration!

here :: just a few more daily blogs i check in with...

Tant de blogs, donc de petit temps. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

i ♥ jesi haack.

i have huge love for jesi haack
a wedding planner from orange county, california.
i am a long-time admirer
of her gorgeous work and am so lucky
to not only know her 
{she's sweet, funny and uber talented!}, 
but to have my jewelry 
in her beautiful studio space 
for all the brides-to-be 
that are fortunate enough to have jesi 
plan their special days' events.

all photos here from her 

you can also follow jesi here on twitter.

ps. i love absolutely everything 
about this simple yet whimsical wedding
posted recently on jesi's blog! 
♥ ♥ 

Monday, December 6, 2010

a special gift from a special friend.

my oh so sweet and super talented friend Wende of Mireio 
{totally LOVE this girl!}
sent me this beautiful form in the mail. 
i was so excited to receive it, not having ever had one! 
it is always tricky to show necklaces...
so, finally a bit of sun 
and a few shots 
of some of my favorite necklaces
{all available here}.

these necklaces are long and tricky to show
how gorgeous they look on {up close}.

i think this form makes a huge difference
{esp. because most of the time, these winter days, 
the sun is no longer shining 
when my uber busy, super model returns home from school}.

thank you! thank you Wende! xoxo

someone like you.

this morning, the kids left for school, my husband left for work
and i played this video...again and's just been one of those mornings.
tears and music.