Wednesday, December 1, 2010

we are family.

{coyote girl-see below}

{this beauty is alex's gf}

{and this cutie is mikaela's bf}

i have no idea why {i am sure this alone totally dates me}
but, while i was uploading these photos i had this
song, i can't stand, in my head
but, it seemed fitting somehow for this,

we are family.

these are a few shots from our christmas photo session this year.
and this is what i learned:

1) i need to stop being so hard on myself {wrinkles come with aging}
2) my husband loves me just the way i am {wrinkles and all}
3) we make gorgeous babies!
4) next time around i promise to spend a little more time getting myself ready 
{i.e. my daughter spent an hour on her hair/makeup for this shoot, i wore something i've never worn before, worked up until 15 mins. before we left the house and knew i looked thrown together  {coyote girl}  but couldn't do anything about it but be mad at myself...lesson learned...

and most of all

5) i'm a super lucky girl to have such a beautiful family that loves me just the way i am.

we are family.

all photos by stephen simpson.


  1. No additional prep time needed. You look stunning as you are. :)

  2. You and your family all look fantastic. Loved that you included your kids' bf/gf, so sweet to make them feel a psrt of your family too. Cheers to many happy holiday memories!

  3. You do make very beautiful babies. :D And seriously, you are so beautiful au natural!

  4. these pictures are sooo lovely!
    hope your monday is a very beautiful one!
    greetings from germany, geisslein


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