Saturday, December 4, 2010

birds of a feather.



  1. Aww, thanks for putting Libby in your fav things. She's one of my favs too. :)

  2. Feathers are great, I really like the lingerie and those glasses :)

  3. feather FABULOUS!!!!!
    thanks so much for including my train case in your awesome finds. i am sooo digging on feathers this season, which is rare because i tend to always be out of the "trending loop"
    xox, rachel

  4. Wow--what a lovely surprise to find one of my paintings "blogged". Thank you so much for adding my "Feather, Pod, and Leaf Abstract" painting to your blog. Absolutely made my day :O) Happy Holidays!!

  5. I love 'favorites' on Etsy! It's a place I had things that make me smile, that inspire me, that make me say wow. Libby makes me smile.

    All of these beautiful items included here make me say wow.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my work; what a LOVELY blog!

    Much Appreciated,
    Kat Swank


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