Monday, December 6, 2010

a special gift from a special friend.

my oh so sweet and super talented friend Wende of Mireio 
{totally LOVE this girl!}
sent me this beautiful form in the mail. 
i was so excited to receive it, not having ever had one! 
it is always tricky to show necklaces...
so, finally a bit of sun 
and a few shots 
of some of my favorite necklaces
{all available here}.

these necklaces are long and tricky to show
how gorgeous they look on {up close}.

i think this form makes a huge difference
{esp. because most of the time, these winter days, 
the sun is no longer shining 
when my uber busy, super model returns home from school}.

thank you! thank you Wende! xoxo


  1. a bit bummed - your posts no longer show up in my google reader. just the title of the post - no content. :( L


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