Sunday, December 12, 2010

sea bags.

i love leopard. red. and stars
oh and my favorite number is 5.

so, it's no surprise that 
i am crazy, head-over-heels in love 
with these totes.

they are made in maine from recycled sails. oh so chic. 

...for trips to the beach, 
the post office 
and trader joe's...

so, i ask you...what's missing from this photo 
of me taken recently at the beach?

a sea bag tote, of course! 

take a look here
not only do i love the star tote in red,
it comes in gold, too, they have number totes, 
cosmetic bags, wine bags 

sea bags. love.


  1. Where have those been all my life? SO cute!

  2. I must have one of these. I must! What a fun find! {A}


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