Friday, December 31, 2010

be fearless.

as the new year approaches {in roughly 30 minutes}, 
i have been thinking a lot about what's in store for 2011. 
planning and dreaming about what it is that i want 
for myself, for my family and for tenthings. 
for myself i want happiness and stability.
for my family i want happiness and security.
for tenthings. i want success and growth.

at the moment things are 'up in the air', 
somewhat uncertain. 
i am adjusting to some big changes.  
i know, change is good, 
but for me there is always that element of fear.
i just want to be there already.
the unknown is scary.
i'm in a place that's different from where i've ever been before.
i have been re-acting to these uncertainties with fear. 
this is such a  contrast from how i usually behave. 
i can tell you, this place, this fear, is not for me. 

lately, i have been reading a lot.
trying to understand and deal with these feelings. 
i have decided
{though, i'm still not 100% there} 
that i am going to resolve to be fearless this year, 
fearless not being without fear, 
but being with less fear...i.e. fear-less. 
and it's funny that while this is a word 
i have decided to adopt this new year, 
it also seems to be a running theme 
in recent magazines i've picked up, 
 so obviously, 
in fear, i am not alone. 
hopefully, those that are with me, 
will also choose to be fear-less. 

i like this quote and have adopted it as my mantra:
"year to year is unclear, 
but day to day we find our way"

i believe fear-less-ly i will find my 'new' way.

happy new year 2011!

i'm looking forward to meeting you.

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