Saturday, December 11, 2010

écrire blog l'amour.

every morning, i make my rounds, stopping in to check on 'my' favorite blogs...this in turn, always leads to other things to look at, so what starts out as a proposed 15 mins. of checking-in before i start working, oftens ends up taking half the morning! 

i jump around from fashion blogs 
to wedding blogs 
to decor blogs to food blogs, 
check twitter, 
check facebook 
and back to more blog check-ins...
I was so interested when I initially stumbled upon this 
sweet and creative blog with it's 'surfing' theme in a family of surfers, this blog 
had me at hello. 

I was so excited to check-in this morning 
and see tenthings. featured in 
the Sea of Ideas, a posted daily wave of inspiration!

here :: just a few more daily blogs i check in with...

Tant de blogs, donc de petit temps. 

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  1. i tried to read my blogs while really working on something else, like listing...not sure if i ended spending more time meandering or not. so lately i've become more of a stalker - reading fewer blogs & making fewer comments. i need to have time to make things!


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