Tuesday, October 26, 2010

just hangin' out.

just hangin' out. tenthings.


i am  mad obssesed with east indian culture. 
love the clothing, love the jewelry, love the design, 
love the food, love the colors, love the people...
i love indian-inspired weddings, too...
if i could plan a wedding {to my husband, of course} every year, 
like heidi and seal do, 
my next wedding would be an indian celebration! 
inspired by all things indian...
here are some recent tenthings. original jewelry designs.

while perfect for a wedding...
also perfect for the everyday bohemian girl 
and a night out on the town with her indie boy.

for me, it's all about color.
color is happiness.
happiness is love.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

a princess and her prince.

we quickly ran to the beach 
and i snapped a few photos of the kids
before they headed to the homecoming dance.
aren't they oh so cute!?!

sale. at tenthings.

10% off 
at tenthings.

i'm really excited about my fall collection 
and thought it would be fun to offer a tenthings. discount 
of 10% of your total {before shipping}
to anyone that anyone who completes a purchase(s)
sunday, october 24th - thursday, october 31st.
 refunds will be processed through paypal.
this special is not retroactive, 
the 10% discount only applies to items 
listed on 

cactus flower style. and a love for horses.

{cactus flower polyvores by mikaela}.

 and these gorgeous new photos 
by tricia meeter of equinoxphoto.

okay, so i totally want to throw together 
a 'cactus flower' outfit 
and ride off into the sunset
...care to join me?

let them eat cake.

polyvore by mikaela.

how do you choose flattering clothing and accessories?

from this week's question on 365 days of style:
How do you choose flattering clothing and accessories?

I have a rule
...it's a rule that I am trying to teach my daughter, who is fashion obsessed as well...
"Don't buy it unless you LOVE it, like really, LOVE it, LOVE it!" 
If I'm not sure about the way something fits, 
the color, the trendiness factor, the quality, anything, I pass on it
...We all know when something looks great on us
...those are the things to buy
...the things that look amazing in a magazine or on someone else, 
but not on you, those are the things to pass on...it works.

Friday, October 22, 2010

first in a series. a handmade holiday.

i love my etsy 'family'. 
there is so much talent on etsy that 
i seriously could blog endlessly about the many, many  
creatives...etsians pour their hearts and souls into what they make 
and i can't think of a better way to express your love and appreciation 
for your family and friends, then to give them a handmade gift. 
i've been doing it for years and truly feel a difference 
when giving a handmade gift...they radiate love.

so, today, i picked a few handmade artists 
that make the sweetest handmade goodies...
{sometimes i'm going to give you sexy, 
sometimes i'm going to give you edgy, 
today it's all about pretty} these are just a few of
the many that i hope to highlight this holiday season...

won't you stop by and visit them, 
favorite them, 
show them some love...

first, there's cheryl at just pretty. 
and her sweet as sugar blog a pretty cool life.
{a relatively new friend...but one who's work makes me smile}.

lovely, colorful, made with love goods.

then pop over to bink and boo. on etsy
and also here. and make sure to check in at
her entertaining and inspiring blog. 
i haven't met bianca yet {she lives close by, so i hope to someday soon}, 
but i already super love her...{ya know, it's that 'internet thing'
the old folks don't seem to get and tell you to watch out for...anyway, i love totally her}. 

check out these adorable baby booties 

love her inspiration.

then there's wende...from mireio.
i could, seriously post endlessly about this girl alone...
she's like super smart, 
super cool, 
super creative 
and really, just amazing...{if you couldn't tell already...i love her, too!}

you can get to know wende here on her blog evidently.

and here are just some of her handmade pretties....

from her gorgeous etsy shop mireio.

and then there's my friend sara.
over at twillypop.
who makes the prettiest handmade ribbon necklaces 
for girls {yes, even at 45, i still think of myself and my friends as 'girls'}

over at twillypopgirl on etsy.

each necklace a labor of love...and her blog{s} 
there's no way you couldn't be positively touched by sara, 
she has so much to share, she's got two blogs now! 
check out her newest blog here.

and stay tuned...more handmade goodness coming soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i want pretty.

i'm really loving pretty, feminine, girly things lately...
with bows...
here are a few of my favorites...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

sitting. wishing. waiting.

...now i was sitting, waiting, wishing

that you believed in superstitions
then maybe you'd see the signs,
but Lord knows that this world is cruel
and i ain't the Lord, no i'm just a fool
learning loving somebody don't make them love you

well if i was in your position
i'd put down all my ammunition
i'd wondered why'd it taken me so long,
but Lord knows that i'm not you
and if i was, i wouldn't be so cruel
cause waiting on love ain't so easy to do...

lyrics {jack johnson}.