Tuesday, October 12, 2010

baroque and roll.

i like Clémence Poésy's style
featured here. 
perfect for dinner out.
perfect for me. 
a casual girl who likes to dress up, 
but still feel like 'me' when i go out.

this look inspires me to pull out my old favorites;
 a black fitted tank 
{although, I'm thinking about getting this one from jcrew to dress it up a bit
or i might make my own. 
i liked the jcrew top they had a few months ago 
with just the strip if sequins down the front, tuxedo style},

my black, cropped leather jacket, 
 skinny jeans and biker boots 
and my cool loopnyc bag.
gilded jewelry will be 'my gold'!
for me, 
that's how i take 
runway to real way. 

take a look you like 
and make it your own.

i've got almost everything for this look, 
just need to talk my husband into taking me out
somewhere special... 

1 comment:

  1. Who wouldn't want to take you out in this?! Gorgeous look! Shouldn't take much convincing! :)


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