Monday, October 11, 2010

going bridal.

i am head over heels in love with all things bridal...
i love the imagination and creativity 
that is played out all over the internet. 
beautiful fresh inspiration 
from photographers, 
planners, designers and bloggers.
 everywhere people are getting married 
from simple and casual {might be my favorite}
to extravagant and luxe...

and while i've been married, super happily, for twenty-one years,
i can't seem to stop making and dreaming about wedding jewelry.
{i told my husband the other day how cool it is that 
heidi and seal have a wedding every year on their anniversary. 
i'm thinking, wow, just think of how fun that would be to plan 
a wedding every year with a completely different theme}.

anyway, a girl can dream,
for now, here's a look at just a few 
of the new pieces i've been creating for brides.

oh love you've got a hold of me...


all jewelry available at tenthings.