Monday, October 11, 2010

make the happy happen.

photo by heidi adnum.

it was an awesome weekend.
saw jack johnson saturday night.
ate out a few times.
and spent the weekend with my family.
but, yesterday threw me for a bit of a loop
and today i need to make the happy happen.
i will do yoga. 
take a run in the canyon. 
play with my animals.
make a special dinner.
buy new shoes.
eat whatever i want. {no, i better be good}. 
maybe, dance and sing a bit...
decorate the house for halloween...
stay off the computer
and set aside a few hours to create, 
so, jewelry and cupcakes 
are on today's agenda!
vintage shoes from italian postcards.
{i so wish these were size 7}

what's on yours?

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