Sunday, October 17, 2010

sitting. wishing. waiting. i was sitting, waiting, wishing

that you believed in superstitions
then maybe you'd see the signs,
but Lord knows that this world is cruel
and i ain't the Lord, no i'm just a fool
learning loving somebody don't make them love you

well if i was in your position
i'd put down all my ammunition
i'd wondered why'd it taken me so long,
but Lord knows that i'm not you
and if i was, i wouldn't be so cruel
cause waiting on love ain't so easy to do...

lyrics {jack johnson}.


  1. Now this wonderful song will run through my head... Jack Johnson is fabulous!! (did you know he uses renewable energy when producing his music - woohoo!)

  2. We've seen him in concert twice Teresa...he's of the best concerts I've ever seen and yes, he's the Godfather of Green when it comes to musicians...LOVE HIM!


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