Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happily Ever After.

Choose the right person. Don't settle for less.

Just because you chose the right person, doesn't mean you don't have to work at it
After all, this is the most important and fulfilling relationship you'll ever have. 
Fight for it.

Never take the other person for granted. None of us are perfect.
Show him/her that you are 100% committed and devoted, and totally grateful to have them in your life.

Make every day special. Whether it be a 6 month-old relationship or a 25 year-old relationship, if this is the love of your life, treat every single day like you're falling in love.

Fall in love. Be in love. Stay in love. To love someone, and to be in love with someone, is very different to me. Decide what you want from your relationship. {For me, I love 'being in love', so I make a conscious effort to 'see and feel' all the things that make me have butterflies. It works}. 

Wear pretty lingerie. Not for them, but for you. {I spend frivolously on lingerie}. 
If I look sexy, I feel sexy. Enough said}.

Dress for the occasion. If your look is not high-maintence, 
but rather girl-next-door {like me}, own it, 
you don't have to wear a full face of make-up or have perfectly blown-out hair, but always
wear something cute, shave, brush your teeth, and wear perfume. Effort counts. 
This is the love affair of your dreams. Dress and act accordingly.

Touch. Touch connects you. Do it all the time
{Nothing makes me smile more than his hand on my leg}.

Be a good listener. Respect is key to any relationship. 
Put down your phone, computer, whatever, when you're together. 
Satisfaction comes from getting what you want. 
Don't expect the other person to read your mind. Tell them what you want. 
Don't wish they knew. That's wasting time.
If you want something...ask for it. 

Plan something special for every day. A love note, a special meal, 
a suggestive or grateful text. A evening walk. A massage.
Let them know you are thinking of them often, and that he/she is your priority.

Don't hold onto hurt feelings. Let go. Choose happiness. Seize the day. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wild Thing.

I am crazy about bold, bright, color. 
My style is, and always has been, 
ethnic, colorful, Bohemian...edge-y.
From ripped, faded denim to beat-up biker jackets, 
rock band tees, studded belts, 
leopard print heels, combat boots, tassel bracelets,
and super sexy lace-y lingerie. 
 All of which seems to me like something 
a very confident girl 
would wear.

Which is kinda funny, I think, 
because I'm really shy. There I said it. 
Yep, I'm really, really shy. 
Totally the quiet type.
One-on-one, I can talk up a storm, believe me, 
but put me in a group situation, 
like a party, or the totally dreaded Jewelry Trunk Show {I've only done a couple, 
and I don't do them anymore, because I seriously have terrible 'stage fright'
and I am pretty much just a quiet bystander, 
pay me a compliment, and I trip over myself with insecure comments like 
"oh this is just from Marshall's, it was only $24.99".

So, what is it with my style
How can one appear so sure on the outside, 
but be so timid on the inside?

I thought about it and I think it's 
my heart on display. 
I just totally LOVE fashion. I am moved by it. It is 100% who I am.

Some like pale, serene, pastels or neutrals, 
or sophisticated blacks and greys. 
I do, too, sometimes, 
but all-in-all,
it's COLOR that speaks to me, 
color {and destroyed denim.
I will seriously wear some type of deconstructed denim until 
I'm one hundred and five. That I am sure of. 
Most likely with a printed, colorful Bohemian top}. 

So, I guess that it would be safe to say that although 
I can be painfully shy,
I actually do love to share a few things that I'm passionate about, 
I just find it easier to post a few photos, 
or make a pretty piece of jewelry, 
to hide behind my art, so to speak.

Maybe one day soon, 
someone will notice this shy girl {okay woman} quietly standing in the background 
and say "I love what you're wearing, 
you have a great sense of style", and with that, I can 
step up, and finally, boldly
say thank you {period}, 
and really own it, 
once and for all.

My husband calls me Wild Thing, 
so I guess, at times, the inside does match the outside {wink, wink}.

{My assistant, one who has no trouble with her social life}.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Style over 40. coastal chic.

Style over 40.

Way over. Pushing 50. Forty-Nine.

Lucky Cut-Offs, 
Madewell Tank, 
Steve Madden Sandals,
TenThings Jewelry.


Style Over 40. california summer.

Style over 40.

Way over. Pushing 50. Forty-Nine.

Lucky Cut-Offs, 
Gap Essential Cami, 
F21 Hat, 
TenThings Jewelry.



Tomorrow, August 5th, we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. 

{My husband has been bugging me to get back to blogging, 
so it seemed fitting that I would write a blog post, finally, today, to talk about love}. 

I didn't know about real love until I met him. He knew. He said he wouldn't have married me if he didn't think it would last forever. Forever was only a little girl's dream. It didn't mean anything to me, then. Protecting my heart was the only instinct I had.

My mom was married three times and my dad was married seven times. Love was disposable to me.  I knew only that loving someone meant they eventually leave you. 

But all of that slowly changed when I met him. It wasn't instant. I didn't know it at first sight. I wasn't even looking for love. It was like there was a pull towards him. Little did I know at the time, there actually was {  a few months ago, we visited a spiritual medium who told me that he was chosen for me, my great grandmother made sure we met {she passed away before I was born}. She knew that I would endure heartache when I was young but would be forever safe with the person she would chose for me, how CRAZY is that?!?  }. 
It's taken a long time for me to let my guard down, 
but I learned about true love from him ... and I continue to learn every single day. 

Twenty five years is a very long time, 
but, in all the right ways, it feels like new love. 

It does because it should. 

I want every day with him to be amazing.

I want him to know that I can't wait to see him.

I want him to know that he is my priority.

I want him to know that his unconditional love changed my life.

So, tomorrow won't be any different that any other day, really. 
I'll dress up, we'll go to dinner, we'll 
spend the night together, and we'll tell each other how much we love each other. 

Yeah, it will be like any other day because every day should be a celebration.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Authentic California. A Glimpse of My Style.

A love for denim, the more lived-in, the better.

Crazy love for S E X Y sandals and heels.

Leather. Studs. Zippers. Edge-y. 

A thing for lace, the more feminine, the better.

Vintage-soft tees, tanks, tops and sweaters.
Heather grey, always a favorite.

Boho Button Downs.

Petal pink toe nails

{sometimes red, but it has to be the perfect blue red}.
Fingernails almost always au naturel 
{making jewelry does terrible things to pretty polished nails, 
so they get 'done' for special occasions only}.

And details.
I  L O V E details.

Color. Embroidery. Texture.

Things that make me feel special.
Like I dressed up.

I'm less about trends and more about attitude.

Love these uber casual looks.

I'm an authentic California girl.

All photos found via my Pin Boards.