Monday, May 23, 2011

summer is almost here.

I know this because I have 'Spring Babies'. 
My kids live for summer waves and lazy days! 
When both their birthdays have passed, and dinner-time talk 
is all about how many days there are left in the school year
{last count, 13 school days to go}, 
I know that summer is almost here. 


This school year has been especially sweet, 
our 15 year old daughter 
was a freshman, finallly {her words not mine}, 

and our son, Alex went to his first prom, 
turned 18 (today!), 
and will graduate 
from high school in June.

So, although, I love each season of the year, 
my heart belongs to summer; 
the colors, the warmth, the happiness. 
I love June weddings, 
backyard BBQ's in July, 
and romantic nights 
holding hands on the beach.

I hope you, too, are anticipating 
summer days full of fun in the sun 
and warm nights filled with love and friendship.