Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quiet. thoughtful. inspired.

i've been quiet lately.
really quiet.

i'm busy.
thinking. doing.

i am in full creativity mode.
i think it's because it's spring.
my head is swirling with ideas.
fabric and beads are everywhere.
when i get in these modes,
i spend most of my time
trying to get the ideas
in my head to materialize.
cutting, stringing, creating.

when i get stuck,
i take a walk
or a drive to the coast,
i pull out some old issues of domino
or look around on the internet
for inspiration.

i recently stumbled upon
this girl's site.

not only do i absolutely
love her photos and styling.

i love, love, love her work.

i am also absolutely
envious of her lifestyle.

a brave girl who left canada,
along with her boyfriend.

for a simple life in mexico.

to create her art.

it has inspired me to run away.

if only for a few days.

but, i can't.
instead, i'll take a walk

then, get back to work.

to make my dreams
come to life.

do you ever want to run away?


  1. WOW I love these pictures and the post is so inspiring! You rock!

  2. ummm how about i want to runaway every single day! yes ma'am i do!

  3. yup - all the time. right now i need to run away so i can refocus. i'm taking a little trip to Cali in a few weeks - just some girl time - hopefully that will help

  4. At least once a month, probably more.....

  5. Reading your like a mini "running away", quiet, thought provoking and inspirational! Thanks!

  6. so beautiful! it takes a lot of courage to run away liek that. i dream about it sometimes but i fear i would miss the people around me too much!

  7. I love the beachy look!


  8. OMG! That shop is AMAZING! I seriously want everything currently listed & sold :) Thank you very much for telling us about them!

  9. Your work is amazing!! Great photography, too. Those shots really work (sometimes when people try to shoot only the body, it looks as if their head was cut off). Lovely.

    Unrelated- do you create your own blog layouts? It's eye catching. I am new to the blogging thing, so I don't know what my options are yet. For now, I'm just using one of the suggestions here: Anyway, sorry to get off topic!

    I found your work on Etsy- those sea twig earings are gorgeous! I wish I didn't have gages, haha.


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