Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quiet. thoughtful. inspired.

i've been quiet lately.
really quiet.

i'm busy.
thinking. doing.

i am in full creativity mode.
i think it's because it's spring.
my head is swirling with ideas.
fabric and beads are everywhere.
when i get in these modes,
i spend most of my time
trying to get the ideas
in my head to materialize.
cutting, stringing, creating.

when i get stuck,
i take a walk
or a drive to the coast,
i pull out some old issues of domino
or look around on the internet
for inspiration.

i recently stumbled upon
this girl's site.

not only do i absolutely
love her photos and styling.

i love, love, love her work.

i am also absolutely
envious of her lifestyle.

a brave girl who left canada,
along with her boyfriend.

for a simple life in mexico.

to create her art.

it has inspired me to run away.

if only for a few days.

but, i can't.
instead, i'll take a walk

then, get back to work.

to make my dreams
come to life.

do you ever want to run away?