Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DIY jewelry tree.

i love a DIY.

this one looks particularly easy
{with a little help from my DH}.

I plan to make several in different sizes,
sort of a little forest.

I may paint mine white, though,
as I think that it would highlight
my mostly gilded jewelry
better than the gold,

...but i do love the gold.

what you'll need:

- a sturdy tree branch with lots of smaller off-shoots
- a small block of wood
- a drill
- wood glue
- a can of spray paint, your choice of color
- a can of matte or glossy clear spray sealer

how to make it:

first, clean the branch well with water. scrape off any dirt and twigs
with a knife or sandpaper,
drill a hole into the small block of wood
that is about the same diameter as the bottom of the tree branch,
fill the hole half way with wood glue and stick your branch in so it stands up straight, hold it steady until the glue dries.

next, spray the entire branch and wood block with paint.
let it dry completely then spray on additional coats as needed.
you could also use a clear coat matte or glossy sealer to seal the paint.

so easy...a rainy week ahead, looks like we'll be busy...recycling fallen tree branches. my husband is a green fanatic. so, i think he'll really like this idea.

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