Sunday, February 28, 2010

winter storm.

{surf spots detailed
on the map at pipes cafe}.

* * *

this weekend
we had lots of rain, tsunami warnings,
flooding and huge surf.

this is 101. pacific coast highway.
lots of sand and stones
on the 101, lots of traffic.

last weekend.
{before the storm}.

cardiff reef. parking lot.
{after the storm}.

despite the weather...
there was a surf contest.

volcom surf contest.
sunday, february 28th.

alex paddling out {in yellow}.
Jayson watching. it was really stormy.

it was a tough paddle out.
even tougher to catch anything.
huge, but stormy waves.
alex was disappointed
and tired.

watched these boys wait
for the waves to wash over the bench,
when they did. they would run.

cool grom bus.

cool kicks.

all stars + biker boots = love.

waves washed
over the parking lot.

it was an exciting morning.

contest over, we headed for
breakfast at one of our favorite spots.

this is johnny at pipes cafe.

this was today.

* * *

earlier this week
we were in san clemente. up north.
i didn't get a chance to post before today.

this is icons in san clemente.
a cool indie surf shop.

by our friend, chris christenson
has his beautiful boards there.

we also went to pedro's
for a vegetarian potato taco.