Friday, February 26, 2010


this is swami's.
an internationally known surfing spot,
a point break located in encinitas.
swami's was named
because the grounds and hermitage
built in 1937, overlook this reef point.

a mosaic memorial at swami's.

a boutique
of the self-realization fellowship
near by.
when i read the book eat, pray, love,
i always pictured this ashram in my mind
as the place elizabeth gilbert was 'praying'.
{in the late '70's my mom made me go there once.
she was trying to 'find herself'. she's cool like that}.

local graffiti.
local cat checks the surf.
{this place is full of characters}.

tipper likes to check the surf, too
and lick the salt water
off unsuspecting surfers.

my bag is a gift from harlowmonroe.
i use it everyday. coincidently,
a girl in encinitas {shopjessbecause}
made it.
you can find her here on etsy.

the sunset.
{those black spots in the water are surfers}.


  1. unbelievable shots. I love them and am so inspired by your posts

  2. Thanks for sharing your "transcendental" surfing style!!! Beautiful colors, composition and Tipper!!!

  3. This looks like a great spot! I'm happy you love your little bag. And how cute is Tipper, and YOU in those aviators! :)


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