Monday, February 1, 2010

lusting for lingerie.

i am seriously lusting for lingerie.
well, not just lingerie,
but fabrics to wear every day that resemble lingerie,
I want ruffles, tulle, silk, lace, embroidery, crochet.
i can't stop thinking about all the
romantic, lingerie-inspired looks
i want to incorporate
into my spring wardrobe.
i'm not sure why this is, but i have a few theories.

first, it's cold and i'm looking ahead to spring,
the fashion forecasts show
lingerie-style, lace-y, nude, sheer, ruffled, floral,
wispy tops, delicate skirts and seductive dresses.
always the romantic, i am so there!

second, it's my birthday,
well, not yet, but soon
and i'll be, are you ready?...forty five. gulp.
i think it's time for me to stop buying
all my lingerie from Victoria's Secret's PINK line

and graduate to silky, lace-trimmed lingerie
in soft pastels or jewel tones.
i'm really feeling nudes and blushes with ecru lace,
but saw this
and the color thing {read in your face color addiction}
immediately came right back.

i need to grow up a bit. feel sexier,
having funny sayings or illustrations on your g-strings might be cute,
but i'm starting to re-think the age appropriate thing,
now that my 13 year old is interested in what was, 'my' lingerie store.

here's a few more things on my radar.

i am loving this ruffled,
layered tulle skirt,
from free people
which cleverly,
can also be worn as a top.

only i want it in cream.

i want silky, sheer, faded floral bras and panties,
a wispy, lightweight feminine, flouncy dress.

of course, i'll be wearing all of these lace-y
with matchstick vintage cords.
mine are from jcrew and they're on sale now.
i live in them.

sexy, strappy sandals
from urban outfitters.
i love them in turquoise.

{i imagine them
with rolled up skinny jeans
and a long flirty t-shirt with a silky,
lace-y camisole beneath}.

and a military jacket,
this from jcrew,
but i'm looking for vintage.

because i'm the kind of girl
who likes to mix it up.
age appropriately,
from now on, i guess.


  1. LUV luv this post Kerri! I will be 45 too! in March! i see yours in on the 9th....we have many birthdays on Feb in my family.. My husbands is today, my brother-in-law tomorrow and my sister on the 4th. too with the PINK ! me too....luv those gladiator sandles I have a similar pair of Fly's in brown leather...the jacket...JCrew?and the ruffle shirt? shop there too...well on line....
    Luv your refreshing blog!!

  2. You could totally wear it ALL very, very well--gorgeous girl that you are. And I feel you on the "age appropriate" thing. What is that, right? I went looking (because this is my birthday month too, and I'm turning the big four OH!) for online resources for fashionably chic/forward clothes for my "age group" and all I can find are people telling me to wear moisturizer. I feel painfully "out-dated" these days, so finding a new look that works with 40 that also works for ME is on my agenda! (so keep posting that inspiration!!)

    And Happy 45. I want to look just like you in 5 years. Hee.

  3. Come to think of it..I could use some lingerie

  4. Me too! I want to be swaddled in soft sexy feminine pieces. Or maybe a silky slip with something layered on top? So sensuous!

  5. i live in my matchstick jeans! and just waiting for the right time to wear my white ruffle shirt....

  6. I'm feeling the boudoir vibe right now in clothing, too. LOVE vintage bed jackets worn over tanks or camis, with jeans & hot little accessories! And age is just a number. How old your soul feels is what counts! :)


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