Monday, February 1, 2010

lusting for lingerie.

i am seriously lusting for lingerie.
well, not just lingerie,
but fabrics to wear every day that resemble lingerie,
I want ruffles, tulle, silk, lace, embroidery, crochet.
i can't stop thinking about all the
romantic, lingerie-inspired looks
i want to incorporate
into my spring wardrobe.
i'm not sure why this is, but i have a few theories.

first, it's cold and i'm looking ahead to spring,
the fashion forecasts show
lingerie-style, lace-y, nude, sheer, ruffled, floral,
wispy tops, delicate skirts and seductive dresses.
always the romantic, i am so there!

second, it's my birthday,
well, not yet, but soon
and i'll be, are you ready?...forty five. gulp.
i think it's time for me to stop buying
all my lingerie from Victoria's Secret's PINK line

and graduate to silky, lace-trimmed lingerie
in soft pastels or jewel tones.
i'm really feeling nudes and blushes with ecru lace,
but saw this
and the color thing {read in your face color addiction}
immediately came right back.

i need to grow up a bit. feel sexier,
having funny sayings or illustrations on your g-strings might be cute,
but i'm starting to re-think the age appropriate thing,
now that my 13 year old is interested in what was, 'my' lingerie store.

here's a few more things on my radar.

i am loving this ruffled,
layered tulle skirt,
from free people
which cleverly,
can also be worn as a top.

only i want it in cream.

i want silky, sheer, faded floral bras and panties,
a wispy, lightweight feminine, flouncy dress.

of course, i'll be wearing all of these lace-y
with matchstick vintage cords.
mine are from jcrew and they're on sale now.
i live in them.

sexy, strappy sandals
from urban outfitters.
i love them in turquoise.

{i imagine them
with rolled up skinny jeans
and a long flirty t-shirt with a silky,
lace-y camisole beneath}.

and a military jacket,
this from jcrew,
but i'm looking for vintage.

because i'm the kind of girl
who likes to mix it up.
age appropriately,
from now on, i guess.