Thursday, February 25, 2010

i think it's almost spring...

i am madly working away
in my little studio this week,
luckily, i have many orders
to fill before the end of march.

♥•.*THANK YOU*.•♥

and so many, many
ideas for new creations.
{but, i can't work on those
until i finish these wonderful orders,
but i just had to take a moment
and get them out of my brain
and recorded some how}.

i am craaazzzzy 'feeling' spring,
it's almost here, i think.
although we're supposed
to have a huge storm this weekend,
i am ready for all things spring. i am.

i can't wait for gourmet picnics,
bushy flowers
{i'm the garden variety-type of flower girl},
and hand-in-hand walks on the beach
in a pretty floral dress
not a overstuffed parka and uggs.

my mind is filled
with juicy red and bold turquoise,

so, here,
a peek into some images
that are fueling
my creativity today.

i love, love these bohemian quilts from
stone school vintage.
makes me want to plan a picnic today
so i'll be ready when the sun comes back out.
if you haven't taken a peek
please do. you'll love it.

love these vintage bikes.

thinking about buying
them for the surf shop window,
actually, i just did.

love this photo. must be the colors,
although, i'm actually
pretty darn good at croquet.

oh, you know me and surfboards.
the shapes, the colors, the graphics.
always inspiring.