Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what i made today.

♫... i'm a maker,
i'm a baker,
i'm a real rule breaker...

i am a major rule breaker.

that is, i don't read manuals,
i don't follow recipes
and i don't use pins, chalk,
patterns, etc. when sewing.

so, before i go much further, this is
not a tutorial,
just a little something i wanted to share today.
i have to always be 'making or baking' something.
i haven't sewed in quite awhile,
the bummer was that now i need glasses to sew...
it's that birthday thing, i guess. anyway,
i used to have a t-shirt business,
where i designed the artwork {embroidery}
and then sold the shirts to shops.

i've always wanted to make and sell t-shirts again,
and probably will one day, but honestly,
there are sooo many
talented people on etsy doing their thing,
that i've just put it on the back burner.

i've been wanting a new ruffled t-shirt
so today i made one.

i bought two tanks from old navy,
super soft cotton in pale blush. $3.99 ea.
they had many other colors for $10 ea.

cut one of the tanks in strips.

baste the strips.

start sewing them on the tank,
t-shirt, sweater, whatever you choose.

be careful to stay on the shirt.
these have really skinny straps.

i made a little rossette at the front.

my $8 shirt.

which, of course,
i'll be wearing with my $17 destructed,
boyfriend khakis
that i also picked up at old navy today.

i am really happy with the way this turned out,
and have ideas to do some more sewing soon.

if you'd like to make one
and need any help,
please feel free to ask
and i'd be happy
to give you some better tips.