Monday, February 22, 2010


just spoke with
my beautiful friend hannah

please take a moment
to click on her flickr,
relax, look around
and take in the beauty
she captures single-handedly.

her breathtaking, ethereal photos
are reminding me this morning;
to slow down and breathe,
take some 'me' time today,
do a little yoga,
drink a hot matcha tea,
walk my dogs slowly,
rather than rushing them,
take a few photos,
write a note to a friend,
call my mom,
send a sweet,
unexpected text
to my kids and husband...

set the table pretty, candles, fresh fruit,
make a romantic dinner for four
{i believe kids need to
witness romance on a regular basis,
therefore, there is always
lots of hugging, kissing, teasing going on}
and appreciate
the fact that everything does not
have to be done today,
even if it is monday
and my list is a mile long.

what reminds you
to slow down and breathe?


  1. oh her photographs are lovely! sometimes a quiet moment alone reminds me to slow down and breathe. sometimes its nice to just have a few quiet moments alone with a good book. :)

  2. beautiful, beautiful thoughts, kerri! wishing i could take that advice about walking my dog slowly, but she's the one who insists on going fast!

  3. Those pictures are breathtaking... My lulu (My English Bully) sleeping reminds me to take a breather!

  4. I love this post! I had a "honeypieliving" sort of moment this morning with my youngest I was about to prepare for what i thought would be my blog post today, I had an encounter with him that altered my morning and BECAME my blog post! Funny what will come our way in life if we are willing to slow down and take notice. Great post!

  5. thanks for the sweet comments. my dogs walk fast, too...but sometimes i'm guilty of rushing them a bit to get back to other things i need to do, today, we'll walk at their pace and let them sniff a bit longer. sara, cute, i'll go read asap. sleeping dogs invite you to relax with them, don't they? my lazy cats are also a reminder to relax.

  6. oh the "monday mile long list" ~ thanks for taking us away from that for a moment

  7. beautiful photos and words to go with them....

  8. My son always reminds me to slow down, and also beautiful, inspiring blogs like yours, Kerri. :)
    You've got a knack for this, for sure. x


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