Monday, February 22, 2010


just spoke with
my beautiful friend hannah

please take a moment
to click on her flickr,
relax, look around
and take in the beauty
she captures single-handedly.

her breathtaking, ethereal photos
are reminding me this morning;
to slow down and breathe,
take some 'me' time today,
do a little yoga,
drink a hot matcha tea,
walk my dogs slowly,
rather than rushing them,
take a few photos,
write a note to a friend,
call my mom,
send a sweet,
unexpected text
to my kids and husband...

set the table pretty, candles, fresh fruit,
make a romantic dinner for four
{i believe kids need to
witness romance on a regular basis,
therefore, there is always
lots of hugging, kissing, teasing going on}
and appreciate
the fact that everything does not
have to be done today,
even if it is monday
and my list is a mile long.

what reminds you
to slow down and breathe?