Thursday, February 11, 2010

oh to be 21 again.

it was my birthday a few days ago.
it was a really awesome day with a lot of laughs.
i have amazing kids, they're both funny
{'weird' funny, if you're weird funny,
which i am, then you know what i mean}.

{this is alex and his friend jayson, weird funny.
this is what they wore for their yearbook photos}.

{this is how cute he really is}.

{this is my gorgeous daughter,
who loves to get 'in' other people's photos}.

{these were actually her cute weird photos}.

{this is what she looks like normally}.

a couple of funny things stood out on my birthday,
along the lines of kids say the darndest things...

so, my son started the morning out by telling me
happy birthday and saying how awesome
it was that now i was old enough to buy alcohol...
funny, in the, sweeeeet, he thinks i only look 21 kinda way,
but a little scary, cuz i was once 16,
and don't like alcohol and my 16 year old
together in the same thought
{that's mom stuff for you young'ns}...

then, there was my birthday card...

when you opened the card...

so true. funny today.
most days, not so funny.

when opening gifts, my son proudly handed me his,
a super cute ando and friends {his favorite line}
t-shirt stuffed in a oversized gatorade bottle,
then proceeeded to tell me that he wanted
to get me something i'd really like.
said he looked online at anthropologie
and couldn't find anything.
he said,
"that stuff is totally not you mom!"

now, this is funny, because...
anthro is my most favorite store ever.
it is soooo me.
{at least i like to think so}.

i replied, "well, sweetie,
that's funny you should say that,
it is me,
only it's the fantasy me,
ya know the me
that creates beautiful art all day,
then sits at a sidewalk cafe,
dressed all cute,
drinking lattes and eating french pastries,
shopping bags at my feet, with a petite, patient dog
that attracts others, rather than scaring them away,
laughing loudly, flirting with the sun,
eventually heading out for an evening stroll
with my handsome husband
and a romantic night of slow dancing..."

the boys looked puzzled. my daughter got it.
she lives in that fantasy world with me,
she's mine. how could she not.


  1. Your kids are great! It sounds like you had an amazing day.

  2. Happy Birthday again, Kerri. so alike we are and the same age too. your kids are beautiful and so are you. pppsst...i think we can still do some PINK..hhmmm Luv the card..and it is soooo true...much funnier on the card that in real life eh? hahahahah
    Crystal 8)

  3. beautiful family, beautiful you! happy belated birthday!

  4. happy birthday gorgeous! you have a beautiful family!!!
    hope your day gets even better:)

  5. Kerri! Happy Birthday! What an attractive family! And, what a sweet blog!

  6. Oh...and I love those surfer dudes! And, your beautiful daughter!!!

  7. obviously, y'all are weird funny or you wouldn't get this silly post.

  8. happy birthday! and i don't think we really want to be 21 again.

  9. thanks for all the sweet comments.

    so true Alex, so true.

  10. Happy Birthday Kerri!! (late) I love this post!

  11. you and your daughter look so much alike!
    I love when you post pics. :)
    Hope your birthday was mahhhvelous and I think funny weird is the BEST.


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