Sunday, October 30, 2011

natural beauty.

jennifer aniston

i am the type of girl who can't wear a lot of make-up
and i don't do much to my hair,
so natural is 'my look'...
i buy a lot of products {can't help myself}
but, i really don't use much
or i put it on and quickly take it off.
anything other than natural doesn't feel like me. 
lucky for me, my husband likes the natural look the best.

so, when i look through mags or blogs for ideas,
dramatic make-up looks
make me want to buy a new liner or mascara
but, it's the natural look pages
that i end up pulling out for inspiration.

carolyn murphy

especially as i get a little older,
i really feel best in my own skin.

there are several women {older than me} 
whose looks i love;  all natural girls
who look beautiful without all the make-up
and straightened hair.
some of my favorites, 

lauren hutton {68}, 

elle macpherson {47}

and cindy joseph {60}.

i love cindy's look and attitude. 
shown here in this video.
all images via google images.