Sunday, August 22, 2010

a weekend trip to L.A.

first stop. silverlake. 
i wanted to check out the shops
i read about in C magazine.
loved them all!

{alex grabs the verizon sign and starts twirling
for a few minutes 
while the verizon guy unknowingly takes a bathroom break}

we always stop by HUF on fairfax when we're in 
{my gorgeous niece ryann works there.
everyone is so cool at HUF! {hi anne!}

dead kennedys. 
{i was a punker in high school}.

so happy to see 
the new RVCA store.
great store, great people.

we love RVCA!

it was a quick day trip. 
we spent the evening in woodland hills
with family bbq-ing and hangin' out.

i have a love affair with L.A.
i was born in north hollywood. 
a part of my heart still lives in L.A.
it always feels this way, too...
never enough time to see it all
and soak it all up. a few quick photos,
a few cool things picked up at crossroads and 
some yard sales on beverly drive 

and always a promise to come back soon.
i love L.A.