Sunday, August 22, 2010

a weekend trip to L.A.

first stop. silverlake. 
i wanted to check out the shops
i read about in C magazine.
loved them all!

{alex grabs the verizon sign and starts twirling
for a few minutes 
while the verizon guy unknowingly takes a bathroom break}

we always stop by HUF on fairfax when we're in 
{my gorgeous niece ryann works there.
everyone is so cool at HUF! {hi anne!}

dead kennedys. 
{i was a punker in high school}.

so happy to see 
the new RVCA store.
great store, great people.

we love RVCA!

it was a quick day trip. 
we spent the evening in woodland hills
with family bbq-ing and hangin' out.

i have a love affair with L.A.
i was born in north hollywood. 
a part of my heart still lives in L.A.
it always feels this way, too...
never enough time to see it all
and soak it all up. a few quick photos,
a few cool things picked up at crossroads and 
some yard sales on beverly drive 

and always a promise to come back soon.
i love L.A.


  1. Ah, such great pictures, I grew up in Long Beach, heck my grandmother and mother grew up in Riverside.

    Love the photos of the chairs, bikes and signs.
    What a memento of your son? twirling the sign, way cool.

    Looks like you had a great trip, We are heading down there in beginning of Sept, doing the Disneyland thing, visiting some old friends, maybe visit family, neices and newphews, everyone else has moved to Oregon.

  2. Kerri! Great Shots! Makes me homesick.....Thanks for sharing....


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