Monday, August 30, 2010

plum pretty sugar and tenthings.

i am a summer girl, so to speak, 
but i have to admit, i am strangely really, really looking forward to fall. 
maybe it's the turning of a new leaf or maybe it's the pumpkin pie, 
chai tea and roasted cauliflower soup desires 
that are nudging me towards fall..
whatever the reason, 
i am looking forward to the change in season.  

first up, early september,
a photo shoot with one of my favorite etsy shops
plum pretty sugar! 
i was absolutely tickled when Charlotte asked me if i'd like 
to send along some jewelry for her upcoming photo shoot. 
i am packing up some pretty things to send her way today. 
i seriously can't wait to see the end results. 
her shop and sense of style are always inspiring. 

these images from

sheer bliss.

* * *

so cal bloggers and press 
welcome at the september 8th, 
malibu beach house photo shoot.

contact charlotte here for more details.