Friday, August 13, 2010

yep. that's me.

after spending 10 days sweating and not wearing any makeup, 
i took a good look at my skin and decided that i needed to get some microdermabrasion done as soon as i got home. 

so today, i started looking around on the internet for the best at-home kit, thinking, maybe i'd pick up the products they have been advertising so much lately. First i stumbled upon this site that reviews all the various products available. i was mostly curious about these products that i can easily pick up at CVS. OlayNeutrogena or Loreal. then, i remembered that i had a kit at home already, dermapower. it's about 6 years old, but it worked really well. it's the most expensive of the products i read about, but, i'm going to drag mine out and start using it {hope it still works}. the results i had years ago were amazing, i just haven't picked it up since.

note: that's me on the packaging, i did the modeling in exchange for the product 
 i look so funny! 

my hair and makeup have never looked like that since that day. 

before and after shots.
and this first photo {before} is super scary, too, taken when my daughter was about 6. 
the second photo {after} was after i used the product, 
she was about 8 then. notice that i'm not telling you how old i was, tricky, huh?
my daughter is now 14.

i'd love to know if anyone has used a product that they really, really love 
that is affordable, but really makes a difference in their skin's appearance. 

i am in 'make over' mode.
the hair is next.


has anyone used any of the peel, resurfacing-type products from bare minerals?

their makeup, face cream, etc. is awesome. i am a huge fan.
i am now really curious about these new products.
i think i'll have to check these out as well.

and now, i'm really excited about this makeover tour...coming to la jolla soon.
i'll be there!


  1. I love micros! My mom is an aesthetician and has a microdermabrasion machine and she definitely spoiled me when I lived at home. I actually just bought the Bare Minerals kit and wrote about it here:

    It's so so wonderful. My skin feels so fresh!

    P.S. I love that your natural beauty always shines through. So gorgeous.

  2. That's sweet! I love Bare MInerals. It's the only make-up I wear...I'm off to read your post!

  3. Wow Kerri you are beautiful!!!
    I love bare minerals makeup, I didn't know they made a microdermabrasion product!
    I'll have to check it out cuz my mom uses bare minerals too and she might be interested.
    I'm not sure when you should start using mid-twenties too early to use them? Is it bad to start too soon?
    Great post :D

  4. Hi, there! I know it's something everybody knows about, but Clinique's three step kit has worked perfectly fine for me.

    Having a make-over is fun! Best luck and enjoy it!


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