Tuesday, August 31, 2010

spirithoods. and DIYs.

spirithoods. love this.
* * *
oh, and

i am a huge DIY girl! 
at least, i like to look at them and think 
'i could make that!'

i am totally digging this blog 
and can't wait to try some of these ideas!
top of the list:
the friendship necklaces and the shibori, 

oh and maybe the shredded tee and ombre' shorts...
or the pom poms...oh, shoot, it all looks fun! 
i love a good {and easy DIY...idk, 
do you think these look easy?}.


  1. So lovely!! Thanks for sharing dear
    Boho Market Blog

  2. the pom poms and necklaces look easy to me ... but the shredding and the ombre, not so much. i might get a shredded tee on etsy and call it a day :)


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