Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what is style?

about once a week, i take all the tear sheets 
that i've pulled from various magazines 
and put together a vision board 
to inspire me for the next week or so
...this is the one i made yesterday. 
bright. happy. colorful.

and this is the one i made the week before...
vintage. soft. fall-like. sexy.

these images sort of define what 'style' i am
feeling strongly about at the moment. 
i find that my jewelry making
and my everyday style tends to flow that way,
that is until i start feeling something 'new'.

my everyday 'style' always changes, but my definition of style does not.

a few days ago asked me {and close to 50 other super stylish people} to define style... 
head over here and read all the great things everyone had to say, 
from magazine editors to stylists to image consultants, both men and women.
this is what 'style' is to me: Style is the that little 'thing' someone has that makes you pay attention. It could be the way she lines her eyes in deep purple, or the way he puts together his casual, work 'look', or the unexpectedness of red converse with a dress, small things that catch your eye and make you take notice. Style is expression of self. My personal style is an eclectic mix of bohemian, surfer, rocker and classic. I am mostly a vintage-wash, skinny jeans, sandals and basic tee kind-of-girl, but don't be surprised to see me in all-out sexy, strappy heels and a flow-y, flower-y dress or classic J. Crew chinos, cashmere cardigan and biker boots. I love to mix it up. I love accessories. It might be layers of necklaces, skinny, gilded bangles and big earrings one day, and a simple, single-charm necklace and many rings the next. For me, accessories are what take a look from simple to wow.

so, please tell us...what is 'style' to YOU?