Sunday, August 1, 2010

eat. sleep. surf.

a gorgeous sunset. saturday night.

i know what makes my boys happy.


cool woodie. {splinter}.

did you see the mustache on this old vw?

love these super cute vans!

no skateboarding. 
no smoking. 
surfing okay.

all photos taken this weekend. 
the gorgeous sun was shining, finally. 
we spent the weekend at the beach.
me. my surfers and my canon.


  1. I hope that sunset photo is going into your store. Because I need some palm tree loving sunset!! But I'm going to pretend it's Santa Barbara, OK? :D

  2. Grew up on the beach in Southern Cal, made me homesick for the ocean, surf, sand and sun.

    Love your photos!

    Those are cute vans, although I'm a flip-flop person myself. It has to be a very cold day in winter before I will actually put on shoes.

    Funny I love heels, have them, just don't have anywhere to wear them.

    Thanks for your posts!


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